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Tanjung Benoa Flyingboard Water Sport Nusa Dua Bali Sunset Uluwatu Jimbaran Day Tour

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Where to try Flying Board on your Holiday in Bali ? Your holiday will not complete with out visiting the south part of Bali island Tanjung Benoa Water sports Nusa Dua and Uluwatu Temple Dinner at Jimbaran Bay on fresh pulled seafood from the blue ocean of Jimbaran Bay.

The best time to start for visiting Dusa Dua is on the morning at 9 am when is the water of the ocean is not to high, and there is not to many tourist yet in the morning so we can enjoy the beautifull beach of Tanjung Benoa, seeing the boat close to harbour will be the good moment to have in Tanjung Benoa. And in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Bali as very commont every one knows, that the central of water sports activity where here in Tanjung Benoa Beach we can do such a Parasailling, Banana Boat,Big Mable/Tubing,Flyfish,Jet Ski,Wake Board,Water Ski,Snorkeling on Nusa Dua coral beauty view,Glass bottom boat,Visit the Turtle Island,Diving at Nusa Dua Manta point,Sea Walker,Coral Fishing,Trolling Fishing,And the new activities they Have Fly board or flying board.

In Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Bali there is hundred of the water sports company along the way of Jalan Pratama tanjung benoa Bali,and  they have variant price from one to each other company and the cheapest price that we found on Taman Sari company with included insurrance where this company is located in the end of the road near the chinese temple , the best deal price list that we get on last of our visit is below as an standard ticket price in Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali .

Flyingboard duration 15 minutes the ticket is 600.000 idr per person

Parasailling  duration 1 round price 100.000 idr per person 1 ticket.

Parasailling Adventure Package that is 4 minutes price 350.000 idr 1 ticket per per person.

Banana Boat duration 20 minutes ticket price 75.000 idr  per pax and minimum 2 person and included guided attendant on the boat Banana

Big Mabel/Tubing duration 15 minutes, ticket price is 100.000 idr per person and it has minimum 2 person on tubing.

Fly Fish duration 2 fly the ticket is 150.000 idr per person mininum 2 person

Jet Ski with instructor duration 15 minutes 150.000 idr per person

Jet Ski with out instructor 200.000 idr per person duration 15 minutes

Wake Board duration 15 minutes and ticket price is 250.000 idr per person

Water ski duration 15 minutes with ticket price 250.000 idr per person

Snorkeling at Nusa Dua coral view duration 1 Hour and ticket price is 300.000 idr per person included pruvate boat and all equipment.

Glass bottom boat combine with turtle island duration 1 hour with ticket 150.000 idr per person minimum 2 person and it has private boat and free food fish to feed the fish on coral view from the glass bottom boat.

Diving at Nusa dua duration 40minutes  or one tank air the ticket price is 300.000 idr per person included instructor and all equipment.

Sea Walker duration 30 minutes , ticket price 350.000 idr per person

Coral fishing duration 4 hours and ticket price is 1.750.000 idr is included private boat fishibg and  all equipment and also lunch and guide instructor fishing. Minimum 2 person inquires.

Trolling fishing  4 hours and ticket price is 1.750.000 idr is included private boat fishibg and  all equipment and also lunch and guide instructor fishing. Minimum 2 person inquires.

All the price of activities above is included insurrance,profesional instructor  and all equipment provided by Taman Sari Wisata Bahari Company in tanjung benua beach Bali.

After we enjoy the wet action water sports activities we can continue to visit the Uluwatu temple, the oldest temple above the cliff where located in south west of Bali island, visiting the Uluwatu temple there is an entress fee 20.000 idr per person and it has included sarong to borrow that is oblidatory to wear on visiting the uluwatu holy temple in south of Bali island. And please extra becareful and we have to wacth out each other because some time the monkey will come to grab something from our hand , most of Good monkey like to grab is Sun glasses,Sandal on lolipop colors,and water bottle,beer bintang and sometime cigarette.

After visiting Uluwatu Temple, we continue our trip on late afternoon to Jimbaran bay, where here in the restaurant along the way of jimbaran bay there is so many restaurant who settup the table on the white sandy beach along the jimbaran bay, viewing sunset from beauty jimbaran beach and enjoying the fresh pulled out seafood from jimbaran ocean on balinese cooking style as a grill or fried and steam with combine on Balinese souce, it make the prefect time unforgetable on your holiday vacation in Bali.

So after dinner we drive back to your hotel with fully satisfied of the day activities we do, and if you have any of inquires about this trip please fell free to contact me so iam ready to be your drive and make your hooiday more fun and unforget table while visiting the south of Bali island, well if you like to reah me please contact me at email : or chat me on whatapps for rapiddly response at +62 082 236 087 680 .

And the tarif of my transportation services included english speaking driver for your assistance during our trip is only 500.000 idr included mineral botle water, towel ,petrol,Minivan by Toyota Innova with 7 person passenger car private for you and also included the parking fee and toll fee.

Looking forwards your contact and i hope to be your personal private driver in Bali.

Best regards

Putu Martika





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Bali Fireflies Kunang Kunang Night Ubud Tour

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Fireflies or local name Kunang-kunang night tour in Ubud rice field presented by Putu Seminyak Bali Driver, watching a fire flies in close on ubud keliki rice terrace ,this late night tour we starting at 3 pm from seminyak and is take us about 9 hours on the night tour to see the fireflies in ubud Rice terrace in Keliki Village.

The first place we start to visit on this trip is Gianyar Night Market where is open at 16:00pm, Gianyar Night market is the most popular local market located in south east of Ubud about 30 minutes drive east of Ubud Center and well located on beside of local traditional market of Gianyar Market . Gianyar night market is special market where we can find the best culinary of traditional food of Bali as Babi Guling or suckling pig, jajan bali or balinese cake,offering,Ayam betutu,Clothe,Nasi Campur Bali or Balinese Mixed rice with vegetable and meat , Batu Akik or Stone diamond , and so much unique thing where is notvisible on touristy area .

Then the next place we will visit the Village call Tegenungan, where is located just 15 minutes  west of Gianyar City . In Tegenungan Village we can visit and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the higest water fall in ubud, take photo grap on the view point of green scenery of amazing view waterfall will be an perfect moment of the sunset time where is the sun give camera soft effect on bright. Bisiting the Waterfall there is ticket 10.000 idr per person.

Also in Tegenungan village we can visit the Balinese Coffee farms where  is the real friendly farmers willing to welcome us to visiting their farms, late afternoon we can enjoy the fresh coffee roasted in the coffee farms as welcoming drink from the coffee farm, as original product the farmer make here is call Luwak Coffee and Vanila powder and also they make the chocolate powder where here in the Village of Tegenungan you can see the original tree of Vanila and also the trees of coffee and chocolate, and visiting the local farms there is free of entress fee, kindly balinese village leople farmers is more happy when there some people visiting their farms.

And then after the Tegenungan Village we can visit the Batubulan Village where is located on south of Ubud where here in Batubulan village we can see the most amazing Balinese Dance “Kecak and Fire Dance ” the kecak in Batubulan village is completly different if we compare with” kecak dance ” where played in other place, in Batubulan village the Kecak Dance is perfomed story of Ramayana and combine with Shangyang Jaran Dance where is the dancer is swiming on the fire where is burned of shell of coconut where is this ending of the dance to show us how strong is the spirit power of the Good of Shangyang Jaran. Is fantastic performance show that you font have to miss it, and to see the Kecak and Fire Shangyang Jaran balinese traditional dance there is ticket 100.000 idr per person and it perfomed start from 6.30pm till 7.30pm in Batubulan Village.

After Kecak and Fire Dance we will drive up to Ubud to having dinner, recommended small warung call Teba Sari where we can enjoy the typical Ubud food Bebek Krispy or crispy duck and also in this warung or small restaurant is served an local indonesian food as nasi goreng,mie goreng,and also sate ayam and many different food of indonesian.

On the dark after finished dinner in Ubud, we drive up to Keliki Village to hunting a fireflies, getting close to their own habitat is an amazing experience the fire flies is an insect where is has like a light on their stomac, watching them at the darkness when they flying together is we will see is like a lamp fliying with out electric and and beautyfill bright blinking is just like an signal for thier friend, and please bring your lotion of anti mosquitos or something spray to avoid the next bugs and we have to used it before we going to Rice padi area to wacth the fire fly, also nessesary to bring the torch or flash light on this tour. I will provided is as well one for you for each passanger but in case lost power battrey we can use yours . Also there is season to see the Fireflies Kunang-Kunang, they more active on the month between october and november . And can be change the place to find them from one village to another one deppending the Fireflies or kunang kunang location.

The best tarif transportation and english speaking guide of this tour i can offer for you 475.000 idr thats included , air conditioner car,parking fee,and mineral of water . If you have any of inquires please fell free to contact me at email : or whatapps me at 082 236 087 680 and see you in Bali .

Best regards

Putu Martika






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Batubulan,Rice Terrace,Coffee Farm,Ubud City Tour

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Seminyak Bali Driver by Putu Martika is always present the best thing to do from seminyak on your holiday in Bali , ok This is full day Tour is start from 8.30 am. Transportation included English speakers Driver Guide , petrol, air conditioner car , parking fee, and driver meal. The car provided with Toyota branded car and Maximal occupant for 6 persons passenger and 1 driver.  Tour Price : 450.000 IDR/ Car . Tour Duration : 10 Hours in one day .The first place will be listed on our destination in this trip is Batubulan Village

Batubulan Village : Located in south west of Gianyar regency , about 1 Hour drive from Seminyak. In Batubulan Village we see the most popular attraction Balinese Dance where is start at 9.30 am . Barong and Kris Dance,is probably the most well knows dance ,its also another story telling dance , narrating the flight between good and evil. This dance is the classic example of Balinese way of acting out of mythology , resulting myth and history being blended in to one reality. The Barong is strange creature, half shaggy dog, and half lion, propelled by two men like a circus clown-horse. The widow-witch Rangda is Bad Character and certainly is not the sort thing that you’d like to see at night in Bali, The Barong Dance is truly a triumphant display of bright colors and graceful movement . The Ticket enjoy Barong Dance we can get it in ticket counter with the price only 100.000 IDR per person

Toh Pati Village : is our next destination afte we enjoy the Barong dance, Toh Pati Village is widely known as the center of  hand made Balinese Batik with various colors and shapes. Here the visitor will exhibited with Batik production and hand weaving process . The specialties of Batik can be seen from the strong Balinese motifs , some of modern motifs also applies to painting object , such as Balinese culture ,ceremonies , beautiful site , mythological figures. That’s make the Batik is one of the most beautiful wearable art and the approach to the other  side of Balinese rich culture. Visiting Batik in Toh Pati Village is free of charge for visitor.

Celuk Village :  Is the famous Village in Bali as a Art Village dominated on silver art, because the local resident is very proactive and fully innovation to the gold and silver crafting. This countryside is located in sub district of Sukawati , Gianyar Regency and own the individuality and excellent in production of gold and silver crafting. Most of them are professional Balinese artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting. Visiting Celuk Village is free of Charge for the visitor.

Batuan Village : The next destination after the Celuk Village ,well located in south of Ubud. In this village we can visiting the most popular painting of Bali, experienced on remarkable evolution, expressing religious and mythological ideas painting of Bali. Is have been subjected to number of influences, including deep interaction with western painters who come and lived in Bali. As with any other artistic expression found in the island , these influences have been uniquely adapted into Bali’s personality, creating new nuances and style of paintings that are district Balinese, to visiting the most amazing artisan painting in Ubud is free of ticket for visitor.

Warung Teba Sari : After the half day journey on this trip, we will take a break at rice terrace area. Having lunch at local warung ( Small Restaurant ) to try typical food in Ubud  as the Crispy Duck and Steam  Chicken or in the local name we call it Bebek Renyah and Ayam Betutu taste delicious on combine sauce of Balinese herb and also in this warung , available organic food which is convenience for vegetarian and non meat lover.

Goa Gajah Temple: The place popular of Elephant Cave temple where is located on east of Ubud where is in Bedulu Village, the Goa Gajah Temple is built at the crevasse edge from federation of 2 rills that is called pangkung river, where is the irrigation mix with petanu river flow. The federation area of the two rivers is called campuhan/mixture. Its own the magical energy on the basis of rwabineda which is two different concept matters on this basic concept hence Gua Gajah ( Elephant Cave ) is intentionally built among two rivers, visiting this holy temple will cost 15.000 IDR per person , sarong to wear visiting holy temple is provided on ticket counter .

Rice Terrace Tegalalang : the country side of our noon destination , located in 5km north of Ubud village and own the magnificent view of rice terrace, the rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank, in this place you will see the Balinese farmers do their rice field in oblique area complete with system irrigation. You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament it and visiting the rice terrace is will be there is an ticket 10.000 IDR per person

Temen Village : Next after the rice terrace , on the afternoon we will visit the coffee farm to know more about the LUWAK coffee, is one of the interesting place have to visit in north of Ubud. Luwak coffee is coffee made from coffee cherries which is have been eaten by and passed through the digestive track of Asian Palm Civet ( Paradoxorus Hermaphroditus ) . After collected the beans is processed hygienically and given only a medium roast so as not to destroy the complex flavors that develop trough the process and to have try the cup of coffee luwak in natural scenery coffee farm will be cost 50.000 IDR and also farmer will provided the free tester of Chocolate coffee, Ginger Tea, Mangos tin Tea and many of variant product of hot drink they make. Visiting coffee farm is free of ticket for visitor.

Ubud Center : Next place we will visitin the city center is Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace  and Art Market in city of Ubud will be the last of our stop place in the afternoon , visiting the sanctuary of Monkey Forest of Ubud is one of famous thing to do in Ubud City , the monkey in Ubud Monkey forest is has calm character ,because they have manage by the village there, in the afternoon all the monkey will get feed by sweet potato,or banana. Play around with the monkey will be so much fun to see their activity , get a small bunch of banana the funny money will grab your attention to feed them , also in the  monkey forest there is an holy poll which is people doing pray by throw a coin and wish something and hoping get luck we can do in the holy poll beside the campuhan river. Visiting the monkey forest will cost us 30.000 IDR per person and after the monkey forest we can visit the Ubud Market , walk in side the market is so much fun and may if you hunting for souvenir you can get it there with an negotiable price and also visit the royal palace of Ubud where is just cross the road of Ubud market .

Finished our trip in Ubud center  we will get back again to the hotel with fully fun and great day experience , and if you have any inquires about the tour in Ubud , please fell free to contact me at email or chat me on whatapps +62 082 236 087 680 so looking forwards your inquires and see you soon in Bali.