Bukit Jati Bangli,Sudemale Holywater,Shanghyang Jaran Fire kecak Dance Half Day Tour Seminyak

trekking at Bukit Jati Bangli
Bukit Jati Bangli
View Point Bukit Jati Bangli
View point Bukit Jati Bangli







Bali nontouristy places as we visiting original nature of Bali and out of big modern development,with less tourist visiting that interesting seeight place. Now iam going to take you to see it on an half day tour from Seminyak .

First of our journey will start at 12:00 pm from your hotel in Seminyak and all of this route will take about 6 hours journey till get back again to seminyak. Price of this tour is 350.000 IDR per car included petrol with maximal 7 person participant.

Bukit Jati Bangli : Located in South of Bali city where is in Guliang Village and about 1 Hour drive from Seminyak to get this hill, its offering Amazing rice terrace view from 900 meters above sea level where we can see also the view of east coast line of Bali island and also Lembongan Island ocean View , beauty Agung Volcano is easy visible from the top of this hill. In Bukit Jati Hill Bangli there is also a very old temple Called Pura Jati among to the God of Wisnu as the God of Water. Pura Jati has Manage by Subak organisation of water irigation for sparate the water from the big river true small river access to each rice field on square terrace. To get to view point of this hill we need to do small trekking on good road conditions from parking area by passing the real forest tamarint tree and teak wood forest. 

Sudemale Holy Spring Water : Located in 30 minutes drive north from Bukit Jati Hill, is one of very importand spring water in Bali where is every important holy water for ritual ceremony of Rsi Gana or clean up ceremony as we called mecaru. On this place you can fell reality of spririt clean and get blessing with holy water Sudamale for clean up Bad luck and bad dream. There is offering small one requiried to get blessing in this Holy water as we call canang where we can grab along the road.

Tegenungan Water Fall : Located in south east of Ubud, offering authentic of amazing panorama and there is little trekking if you like to visit the river in the water fall. There is ticket in this tegenungan water fall is 10.000 idr per person.

Kecak and Sanghyang Jaran Fire Dance : Located in Sahadewa Stage in the village of Batubulan , kecak and sanghyang jaran fire dance is showing us how is the power of spirit well never can be break with fire,water,or win. With story of Ramayana where is mrs. Sita has stolen by Mr Rahwana.and Mr.Rama husben of Mrs.Sita  and Hanuman the white monkey attack Rahwana and bring back sita for Rama . Dont miss this dance because is start at 18:00 pm till 19:00 pm. Ticket only 100.000 idr per person.

After the dance at 19:00 pm we drive back to your hotel with fully joy and fun of half day tour with putu seminyak Bali driver


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