Seminyak day tour Best Choice

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OM Swastyastu ,

With all regards and mercy to Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa/God the Almighty , welcome the idea for publishing SEMINYAKBALIDRIVER.WORDPRESS.COM which provide driver services and information about object and cultural tourism attraction and other potential tourism facilities in Seminyak and Bali Island in General .

With Globalization era , tourism improvement with is support and suplement medium are still existed in art and cultural beach and values preservation. So  Seminyak and Kerobokan Kuta Bali is always become a priority to the tourism attraction either for domestic or foreign tourist who pay for visit Bali Island . And This Blog is expected to be information media and as guidance for traveling around Seminyak ,Kerobokan Kuta and Bali in General. And here i made view program where you can use for plan your vacation while your stay in Seminyak and Kerobokan Kuta Bali Indonesia, and you can try to click any of tour program on side bar top.

Finally in in this valuable opportunity i would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all sides for their role in support this website blog  while for visitor ,i welcome great fully with pleasure for the dedication that choose my services for be your driver and guide local in Seminyak and Kerobokan Kuta area.

And i hope my customer with all my best driver services and guide in Seminyak , guest can enjoy great fun and moment during your vacation in Bali with my driving services.

With regards

Putu Gede Martika

Seminyak Bali Driver


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