Diner, South Beach Bali and Uluwatu Temple

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–          Tanjung Benoa                  : Central Water Sport Nusa Dua (Scuba,Parasailing,Jetsky,all water sport )

–          Pandawa Beach                 : The Hidden Paradise Beach in South Bali ( Free )

–          Padang-Padang Beach      : World Famous Surfing Beach ( Free )

–          Uluwatu Temple               : Famous temple on the cliff of Peninsula South Bottom of Bali Island (20.K/P)

–          Kecak and Fire Dance      : Rama and Sita story of dance played with human voice instrument (100K/P)

–          Jimbaran corner                : Sea Food dinner at Jimbaran Bay,Grill Seafood served in beach


Price  450.000 IDR Included , Petrol ,Guide Services,Parking Fee

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