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Dear All Customer who used my services , i want to say thank you very much to give me a change to be your driver in Bali , and for travelers who llike to come to Bali here is the comment about my services  on trip advisor and it has post and published by customer who i have been drive before , please click on this Putu Martika Seminyak Bali Driver  or click on picture trip advisor below, again i wish thank you and for travelers who will come to Bali i hope to see and drive you in Bali , iam ready to be your tour Guide in Bali . kind regards , putu martika.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Reviews”

  1. i was in bali 3 years ago and i met putu in seminyak,and some days after he bring me all around bali island in the best place.i’m italian and he is from bali so we came from two very different place but believe me we were specking the same language,he is a very good man,he know the respect,he know the good food and he is a person who you can believe in,thanks you again my friend Putu,i wish you the best ever Marco


  2. Had a great time in the tour and was lucky enough to have Gekko as out driver for the trip.
    He really went out of his way to show us everything!


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