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Tanjung Benoa Flyingboard Water Sport Nusa Dua Bali Sunset Uluwatu Jimbaran Day Tour

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Where to try Flying Board on your Holiday in Bali ? Your holiday will not complete with out visiting the south part of Bali island Tanjung Benoa Water sports Nusa Dua and Uluwatu Temple Dinner at Jimbaran Bay on fresh pulled seafood from the blue ocean of Jimbaran Bay.

The best time to start for visiting Dusa Dua is on the morning at 9 am when is the water of the ocean is not to high, and there is not to many tourist yet in the morning so we can enjoy the beautifull beach of Tanjung Benoa, seeing the boat close to harbour will be the good moment to have in Tanjung Benoa. And in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Bali as very commont every one knows, that the central of water sports activity where here in Tanjung Benoa Beach we can do such a Parasailling, Banana Boat,Big Mable/Tubing,Flyfish,Jet Ski,Wake Board,Water Ski,Snorkeling on Nusa Dua coral beauty view,Glass bottom boat,Visit the Turtle Island,Diving at Nusa Dua Manta point,Sea Walker,Coral Fishing,Trolling Fishing,And the new activities they Have Fly board or flying board.

In Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Bali there is hundred of the water sports company along the way of Jalan Pratama tanjung benoa Bali,and  they have variant price from one to each other company and the cheapest price that we found on Taman Sari company with included insurrance where this company is located in the end of the road near the chinese temple , the best deal price list that we get on last of our visit is below as an standard ticket price in Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali .

Flyingboard duration 15 minutes the ticket is 600.000 idr per person

Parasailling  duration 1 round price 100.000 idr per person 1 ticket.

Parasailling Adventure Package that is 4 minutes price 350.000 idr 1 ticket per per person.

Banana Boat duration 20 minutes ticket price 75.000 idr  per pax and minimum 2 person and included guided attendant on the boat Banana

Big Mabel/Tubing duration 15 minutes, ticket price is 100.000 idr per person and it has minimum 2 person on tubing.

Fly Fish duration 2 fly the ticket is 150.000 idr per person mininum 2 person

Jet Ski with instructor duration 15 minutes 150.000 idr per person

Jet Ski with out instructor 200.000 idr per person duration 15 minutes

Wake Board duration 15 minutes and ticket price is 250.000 idr per person

Water ski duration 15 minutes with ticket price 250.000 idr per person

Snorkeling at Nusa Dua coral view duration 1 Hour and ticket price is 300.000 idr per person included pruvate boat and all equipment.

Glass bottom boat combine with turtle island duration 1 hour with ticket 150.000 idr per person minimum 2 person and it has private boat and free food fish to feed the fish on coral view from the glass bottom boat.

Diving at Nusa dua duration 40minutes  or one tank air the ticket price is 300.000 idr per person included instructor and all equipment.

Sea Walker duration 30 minutes , ticket price 350.000 idr per person

Coral fishing duration 4 hours and ticket price is 1.750.000 idr is included private boat fishibg and  all equipment and also lunch and guide instructor fishing. Minimum 2 person inquires.

Trolling fishing  4 hours and ticket price is 1.750.000 idr is included private boat fishibg and  all equipment and also lunch and guide instructor fishing. Minimum 2 person inquires.

All the price of activities above is included insurrance,profesional instructor  and all equipment provided by Taman Sari Wisata Bahari Company in tanjung benua beach Bali.

After we enjoy the wet action water sports activities we can continue to visit the Uluwatu temple, the oldest temple above the cliff where located in south west of Bali island, visiting the Uluwatu temple there is an entress fee 20.000 idr per person and it has included sarong to borrow that is oblidatory to wear on visiting the uluwatu holy temple in south of Bali island. And please extra becareful and we have to wacth out each other because some time the monkey will come to grab something from our hand , most of Good monkey like to grab is Sun glasses,Sandal on lolipop colors,and water bottle,beer bintang and sometime cigarette.

After visiting Uluwatu Temple, we continue our trip on late afternoon to Jimbaran bay, where here in the restaurant along the way of jimbaran bay there is so many restaurant who settup the table on the white sandy beach along the jimbaran bay, viewing sunset from beauty jimbaran beach and enjoying the fresh pulled out seafood from jimbaran ocean on balinese cooking style as a grill or fried and steam with combine on Balinese souce, it make the prefect time unforgetable on your holiday vacation in Bali.

So after dinner we drive back to your hotel with fully satisfied of the day activities we do, and if you have any of inquires about this trip please fell free to contact me so iam ready to be your drive and make your hooiday more fun and unforget table while visiting the south of Bali island, well if you like to reah me please contact me at email : or chat me on whatapps for rapiddly response at +62 082 236 087 680 .

And the tarif of my transportation services included english speaking driver for your assistance during our trip is only 500.000 idr included mineral botle water, towel ,petrol,Minivan by Toyota Innova with 7 person passenger car private for you and also included the parking fee and toll fee.

Looking forwards your contact and i hope to be your personal private driver in Bali.

Best regards

Putu Martika





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