Seminyak Travel Advice

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Bali Fact at a Glance

Bali is one of over 13.600 islands, wich is make up the replubic of Indonesia. A volcanic chain of mountains run across yhr north, with deeo ravines and rivers,terrace flourist in the mountainous terrain. Below 700 meters, rice fields are exquisitely carved out of hills and valleys, Sparkling with water, vividly green or golden brown.

BALI Religion
Almost 90% of Bali island pupolation practices Bali Hinduism, with Christians,Buddhist and Muslims making up the remaining 10%.

Indonesia official language is Bahasa Indonesia, similar to malaysia, but the Balinese we also have our own language . ENGLISH is widely understood in all tourist area.

Tropical. Hot and humid all year with daily temperatures of 30 degrees Celcius in beach area and 23 degrees celcius in the hills and montain area. The rainy season is from October to March and lowest humidity around 60% from july to Sepmtember.

The unit of Indonesian currency is the rupiah , which is come in coin denominations 100,200,500 and notes of 1.000 ,5.000,10.000,20.000,50.000,100.000 and money can be changed at the Bank. Money changer ussualy have the best rates excanghe , hotel reception ussualy change the money but with lowest rates offer. Banking Hours is from monday to Friday from 07:00am till 15:00pm daily.

Cheque and Credit Cards
Personal cheque is ussaly never accepted . Travel cheque is normally can change is Monry Changer or official Bank as in Seminyak we can change travel cheque in BMC money changer just in front of Bintang Supermarket on right sight of the main road if you come from kuta. Major credit cards ( Amex,Diners Club ,Visa,Master Card) are generally accepted by hotels,Restaurant,and large shops. May it will ask you 3-5% surcharge if you want to pay by credit cards . If you taking cash on cash point let get back the cards first then take your money quikly. Some atm if you leave it money will return back to machine and we lost it. Just do it quikly.

Leave your pasport,money and other valuables in the hotel safety deposite box. Do not leave them in your room or take them to the beach.

All hotels have a restautant and it safe to eat in many of numerous restaurant in the beach resort. Also each area of Bali have their own tipycal of food. So please fell free to ask me what area we are and what is the food here.

Tap water is not recommended for drinking. Most hotels provide a flask of purified water in your room and alternatively, buy bottled of water in convenience store with 5000 idr for big bottle water 1.5 liter.

Shops and street stalls are to be found in the beach resort areas,as well as most important tourist attractions. There are also serveral departement store in Seminyak or Kuta area wich is open from 08:00am till 11:00pm.

It is way of live in Bali, except in “supermarkets” where prices is fixed. Uou first offer should be about half of the asking price and then negotiate up to what you are happy to pay.

Most hotels and restaurant add 10% services charge . Additional tipping is not always expected but is ussualy accepted . Other tipping is entirely optional but if you are happy with services provided, may the tipping you can give as you can afford.

Common Courtesis
Handshaking is a customary greeting in Indonesia. Avoid using your left hand for handshakes or when giving and receiving anything. Scanty chloting is not advisable. Short is not allowed in religius place, most of Hindu temple requiried to ware sarong to enter . It’s disrespectful to clibm over monuments or place of worship in Bali  waist sashes should be worn when visiting temple. And women on menstruation or perion is not allowed to get in to holy place as the temple in Bali to avoid bad luck .

Flight Reconfirmation
Please make sure you have recomfirmed your flight at leats 2 days prior your departure . May you can ask me ad your driver to help you to do it.

As my services to be your guide and driver in Bali, i ware immaculately uniformed and hold a good English and French languages and of course Bahasa Indonesia and Balinese language. And i will assist you from your arrival and until departure as on request.

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