Ubud and Kintamani Batur Volcano Tour


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Start : 08:30 AM till finish , price 450.000 idr per car  included petrol and driver plus free mineral water bottle with minimal 1 person participant and  maximal 7 person participants of private tour.

  1. Barong and Kris Dance   :  Balinese Sprite dance’s  companied with  Balinese Gamelan Instrument music , show us tow different character which is  Rangda the bad spirit  and Barong  the Good spirit and ending with Kris dances , will show you the power of the spirit by try to hiit the dancer body and within nothing happen to the dancer , also see the real uniform  of Balinese and have a photo to record your great moment in Bali and specially with traditional Balinese artist dancer . This Barong dance is located in the north of Denpasar exactly in Batubulan Village south of UBUD.  To see this spectacular performance you have to pay the ticket  , 100.000 IDR per person on the ticket counter.
  2. Celuk Village and Traditional Balinese house :  Second stop place’s on this tour is Celuk Village , where in Celuk Village you can fine the smooth artisan of silver and see how the local artist man build  Art of silver  such as airing , necklace and etc as a jewelry , this village is super nice to stop for souvenir for your family   with the real silver made from. Then next place to go is Balinese compound house , learn how is the real structure of Balinese house building with an how the real Balinese live like and what the local doing at home you can see it here in this Village . seeing the silver art is free of charge it may you will get charge if you do with other tour company and you can see and believe us when you are there and also about the Balinese house visit will be there an donation as 5000 IDR for visit.
  3. Temple of Batuan : Batuan temple is the one of important temple in Sukawati regency , south east located from UBUD , this is one of royal temple in the village where over then 1000 or more Balinese people going to pray every six months , since this temple has build on four century  this temple has many time developing for building renovations and the ex of first building is still we can fine on back yard of the tem ple where is the archeology area . for visiting this temple is there no entrée fee , it just donations only  from 5000 IDR till up to you or reasonable for you . also on this village is very popular of wood carving art and painting art too you can visit
  4. Tegalalang Rice Terrace : The beauty of terrace we will find it on the way  to Batur Volcano in Kintamani , this rice terrace has been popular since  1990 . Manage by Subak group for  water irrigations for the rice field , in one year rice can be growing four time of season or every three month in a year , and on view years ago before chemical touch to the farm it was able to growing a rice only for three time a years . that the reason why the taste of the rice now a bit weak then organic rice as in view years ago , but sure in some country side we still found the organic rice but the price is a bit more rupiah but is health .On  this rice terrace view  the village will charge us a ticket for 5000 IDR per person for entrees fee , but most of the time we don’t pay for it because we just get a parking right true .
  5. Batur Volcano : 1700 above the sea the beautiful panorama of active volcano Batur , last exploded was in 2001 till now still active and showing activity as steam hot air from the top of volcano and we can see the steam air if we climb it till the top of volcano but on this tour will enjoy the panorama of this Volcano also the amazing beauty lake in bottom of Batur volcano and the lake also has a name Lake Batur or Danau Batur . also while you enjoy your amazing view you can having a meal or lunch on many different restaurant along the road of Volcano Batur  View Point . Most of the restaurant has Indonesia food and western food buffet also you can request for ala charted  . Entrees free for this volcano is 15.000 IDR per person , and the lunch in the restaurant can be variant price start from 80.000 IDR – 100.000 IDR  for  buffet lunch or meal per person or other options is cheap local food store .
  6. Temen Coffee Plantations :  exotics  beauty farm serve you all the type of coffee start from Arabica , Bali coffee , Ginseng Coffee , and many different herb they growing on this village also might you have to try the Most famous and expensive coffee of Luwak Coffee or poo coffee  from the animal called Luwak , where on this coffee plantation we can try free sample coffee with many different coffee and spice . Try the luwak coffee for the most famous coffee will soct you 50.000 IDR for a cup of Luwak Coffee and may in the most official coffee shop you will pay 4 time of it.
  7. Ubud Monkey Forest , Market :  Visiting Ubud is not complete if we are not visiting the monkey forest and monkey temple in the monkey forest , having fun to see the monkey playing around or stole some one food . to be ware we recommend you not bring any food to inside the monkey forest sanctuary park . on this monkey forest object will be there ticket 30.000  IDR  per person .After the monkey forest we can visit the ubud art market , one tips in market : don’t bargain if you don’t like it . After it we drive back to your hotel .

The place on tour list can be skip or change deppending of your request.

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