Ubud Temple and Waterfall Day Tour

Day Tour to Ubud Discover Ubud traditions and enjoy the Shang Hyang Jaran as popular Horse spirit power Balinese performance is present on day tour by Seminyak Driver . Day tour will take you to see the  Batuan temple which is oldest temple in south of Ubud and visiting the Monkey Forest Ubud in Ubud city center , also visiting the Gianyar Night Market , and Visiting the Waterfall in Tegenungan Village , lunch at famous rice terrace in Tegalalang village well located in north of Ubud , Ubud organic coffee luwak and plantation and Balinese performance Kecak and Shang Hyang Jaran Dance.

The Interesting place we visiting in this Ubud day tour :

Batuan Temple

Batuan temple : The oldest temple located in Batuan Village in south of Ubud . It’s famous public temple where we allowed to visit in side the temple area , and also provided a sarong for visitor to wear to visit the holy temple area . there is tree defferent part area of the Batuan temple , first the out side area where the local prepare the equipment and offering for celebration of ceremony and the second part there is middle area where the local Hindu prepare the ceremony activities and also chicken fight area , and the main third are is center of holy area in this temple where we allowed to visit in side by passing true the Lawang Agung special door gate in the temple of Batuan . Visiting Batuan temple there is donations 10.000 idr per person.

Ubud Monkey forest

Ubud Monkey Forest : It’s one of the world famous place in ubud city center , pampered with tropical monkey in ubud monkey park will present incredible fun time in Ubud, also possibility to visit the Shiva temple and the new bridge along the campuan river in monkey forest ubud . Visiting ubud monkey forest will be not allowed to feed the monkey with peanuts , and if you like to get the monkey some food, there is little shop that sale a bunch of banana jn front of monkey forest. And visiting monkey forest there is ticket 40.000 idr per person where we can purchase on our arrival at ticket counter monkey forest ubud



Tegalalang Rice Terrace : The Amazing rice terrace in the north of ubud, well located on beside of main street of ubud to Batur Volcano, its naturally created on the hills and make it look amazing terracing. Having lunch with tyical food of Ubud as crispy duck and it’s one of the special offers to enjoy in tegalalang rice terrace . visiting the rice terrace there is ticket 10.000 IDR per person.

Bali Coffee Plantation

Temen Village : Famous coffee plantation and spice in Bali well located in 30 minutes drive from Ubud city center. Friendly farmers will welcome us to their plantation and every visitor will have a change to try their product of original Bali coffee for free in their plantation, and also the local farmer will showing us how the process of roasting a coffee till become a purely powder of coffee with use less machine engine . Also possible to see in their farm the life animal make world famous coffee call LUWAK or Bali people also call it Lubak or Civet in English name, this animal is kind of active at night and sleeping on the day time , mostly they eat the fruit and vegetable and coffee bean is one of their favorite fruit in this tropical country .


Gianyar night market

Gianyar Night Market : Absolute local  night market located in east of Ubud where is the city call Gianyar , it’s local night market and completely different as usual tourist market , in Gianyar night market we will see the most typical of Balinese food counter and also the famous local place where the local hang around the market after their daily activity , Gianyar night market is open from 4 pm untill 11 pm and on our visit we can enjoy the real Balinese cake  and dishes .

Beauty Panorama of Waterfall

Tegenungan Water fall : The famous second biggest waterfall in Bali with amazing green scenery view on both side of waterfall in  Tegenungan Village . Enjoy the fresh cold drink over looking true waterfall of tegenungan and listening sound of nature and listen to melody of bird sing from the jungle, is will be one of moment on this tour you will never can forget it , visiting the tegenungan waterfall there is ticket 15.000 IDR per person.

Kecak Dance

Kecak and Shang Hyang Jaran Dance : Great Balinese performance we will see in the last destination in our half day tour to Ubud. Kecak dance is an classic performance where is use hundred man yelling sound of ” Cak ” during the performance , adopted story of Ramayana where Sita the wife of Rama get stolen by Rahwana the bad character was giving the Rama trick to find the deer , and Sita asking her husband Rama to hunting for the deer for her peet , and by the time Rama hunting the deer for Sita get stolen by Rahwana and Rama relaist after he get the news from the bird call Paksi . Ending of the story Rama get help from Hanuman the white monkey to get back his wife from Rahwana  in Alengka palace , and ending of story on the dance performance the horse of Rama burning the palace of Rahwana with a big fire and spirit of Horse as Balinese we call it Shang Hyang Jaran , and while the dance the dancer who possessed with spirit of horse will spoiled with fire on coconut skin fire with showing nothing happen even no spot burn on dancer body and foot . the show is start from 18:30 Pm until 19.20 Pm daily and enjoy this performance there is ticket 100.000 IDR per person and the ticket we can purchase in the ticket counter in Batubulan Village .

Ubud day tour itinerary : 

11 : 00 am pick up from Hotel

13 : 00 Pm Visiting the Batuan Temple

14 : 00 Pm Visiting the rice terrace in Tegalalang and Lunch

14 : 30 Pm  Visit The Coffee Plantation in Temen Village

15 : 30 Pm Visit The Gianyar Night Market

16 : 30 Pm Visit The Waterfall in Tegenungan Village

18 : 30 Pm Enjoy the Balinese Kecak and Shang Hyang Jaran Balinese Dance

19 : 30 Pm Back to Hotel

Private Ubud  Day Tour Price : 450.000 IDR  per Car maximum 7 person participants in one car

Seminyak Tour Guide

Tour Included : Professional English Speaking Driver Modern Air Conditioned Van, Petrol,Parking fee,Mineral Water,WiFi in the car.

What To Bring : Modest cloth, hat, camera, money, sun glasses and sun screen.


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