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Ubud Ayung Rafting Adventure Tours

Putu Seminyak Private Driver and Tour Services proudly present unrivaled Bali Amazing day Tours. Adventuring the coastline of Ayung River tailored with Ubud Cultural and tranditional performance to meet an expectation of our Group on Day Tours.

Seminyak Driver

Big thanks to Sonya Group from America to choiced my services as your tour Provider in Bali. And this Time we start our journey from Tjampuhan Hotel Resort and Spa Ubud. Really nice hotel where located in the main city center of Ubud just next to the popular Ubud Bridge.

Tjampuhan Hotel Ubud

We start our adventure and tours at 09.30am. And drive to the north side of Ubud where is the Start point of adventuring Ayung River Rafting , which is from Ubud is take us about 30 minutes drive from Tjampuhan Hotel Ubud. We pick the best of Rafting Company where they have all safety Australian equipment and well experienced friendly Guide companied our adventure at Ayung River and the Company Called Payung Rafting in Payangan .

Reached at the front desk of Payung Rafting we shettle the payment ticket 30 Usd per person that is included all facilities as lunch buffet indonesian food, towel, insurrance, guide profesional, waterproff bags, and drinking water. After get traineed from friendly guide we start the adventure at 10.00am from the start point, the rafting at ayung river is taking about 2 Hours and 30 Minutes and it’s about 16 km distance on River and the rank of difficulity is on medium class so for beginer is accessable to join the Rafting activities, if you never been on water rafting, this is a great chance for you to experience the amazing ayung river rafting in Bali.

Ayung River Rafting

Finally we meet up again at the Finish point of Ayung Rafting, after 2 and half hours they adventuring the white water rafting. And every so happy with the experience they had , after lunch about 14.00pm we continue our trip to visit the most popular art village of Celuk Village.

celuk Village

Take us about 35 minutes drive to celuk village, where here we able to see how the artisant make a wonderful art of silver jewelery, the local art gallery we visiting called Yatra Gallery and at Yatra Gallery we able to see how the process how the artisant make their amazing art and designing new model of Silver Jewelery as a Balinese style. Sonya and group get some new design of Balinese Jewelery for their collection, a new model they get is kind of clasic costom Balinese design silver art.

After exploring the Celuk village, we continue our trip to visiting the Batuan temple, is take us about 15 minutes drive from celuk village. Arriving at Batuan Temple we have to pay the donation 10.000 idr per person and we get a borrowed a local traditional sarong to wear visiting the Holy Batuan Temple.

Batuan Temple

Exploring the all side of Batuan Temple starting from Nista, Madya, Mandala or ( out side, middle, center area of Batuan  temple  ) and on the time we are visiting  the temple, i have explained all about the temple and every side of building funtion at the Batuan Temple and iam so happy that everyone easy to understand about my presentation and to be remember as local rule to visiting the temple, for who having a mens period is not allowed to visit the Holy Place.

Bali Geo Coffee Plantation

After visiting the Batuan temple we continue to visit the Amazing of Coffee plantation, at this time we had refommended by someone we meet at the temple to try to visit Geo Bali Coffee plantation, located in tegalalang village near to rice terrace. Amazing friendly farmer welcomed us on their farm and free testing coffee presented on our visit at Geo Bali Coffee farming. And try also Luwak  coffee the most famous coffee in Bali. And on this visiting time at Geo Bali the group of Sonya also get some real coffee powder to take home to USA.

After visiting the Coffee plantation we continue to visit the famous rice terrace in north of Ubud which is call Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The ticket 10.000 idr per person and on late evening i think is perfect time with light contrass to taking amazing picture. And we do also trekking at small trekking road at tegalalang ride terrace, time for selfy picture at Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Ubud Roce Terrace

After visiting the rice terrace we continue to visit the Popular Ubud traditional market, on late evening is the best time to visit the Ubud Market. More space to walk arround and less tourist and ofcourse less price we paid for a stuff on last minutes price. But make sure your nagotiable price is needed on ubud Market, even iam a local person and once i asking the price the shop attendant holding my hand until i buy the stuff i asked . Trick to get  better price at Ubud Market ” make it 50% discount from the first offers , and make sure you like the stuff before you going to negotiate the price”. Try to be local and joined the local shoping way is more interesting to visit and shoping at Ubud Market.

Teba Sari Restaurant

After the Market we going to have dinner at Bebek Teba Sari Restaurant, located in Lodtunduh Village about 10minutes from Ubud Center,  the food here is amazing perfect with their own Crispy Duck receipe and Tasty yummi. Picking a gazebo arrounding fish pond make the sticky ambiance romance, also this place is highly recommended for young couple or honeymoon dining place.

After Dinner we are back to Hotel Tjampuhan about 15 minutes drive. And that was our amazing day tour visiting Ubud, and how is your day? Have you planing to have tour? For your advice, i have listed a great day tour below and please click the picture on it to come to next webpage.

Seminyak Sightseeing Tours


Adventure Tours

Batur Volcano Trekking

Half Day Sunset Tour

uluwatu temple sunset

For more information about your trip, please send me your inquiry by contact email :

Phone or whatapps at 082 236 087 680 and see you in Bali

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Seminyak Sunrise Trekking

Batur Volcano sunrise Trekking

Seminyak Driver and Private Tour service Leading the unlimited travel experience in Seminyak Bali. On this opportunity we have done Sunrise Trekking at Batur Volcano from Seminyak The Haere Villa.

The haere seminyak

First i would like to say thank you to Shan Go Phie and friend from Singapore to choice my service to provide sunrise transport in seminyak. Yes,  we start our journey at 01.00 am from Seminyak and drive up to the north within 2 hours drive we made it to arrive at the start point trekking at Batur Volcano.

Batur Guide Base Ticket
Batur Guide Base Ticket

Arrive on the dark time arround 03.15am , friendly guide welcome us on their basecamp. And here we have to purchase the Guide services to do trekking at Batur Volcano with Guide Price 400.000 idr per person of us and that is included Breakfast, Donation , taxes, insurrance,also Guide fee. Its writen on board information that the price is valid from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016. And also there is a rule every guide has maximum companion with only 4 person guest. We our group more then 4 person, then we have 2 person of trekking guide services at the time we are there.

The guide provide us all the facilities we need as a torch or flash light, glove, rain code, also the stick for help us to walk on rock side. We start the trekking at 03.20am and walk slowly, the temperature getting coulder after view hundred meter we walk up so lucky we prepare jacket and heater and for you don’t miss the jacket for sure, put jacket on your first list. And after walk up and adventuring the rock , finally we reach at the top and the view was so amazing. The guide was prepare us a Eggs and he cook it on the natural steam hold from the volcano. And within 5 minutes the eggs was cooked and we enjoy it very much also our hot coffee and tea on the sunrise.

Sunrise trekking

After the beautyful sunrise , and the sun getting heat we walk back to basecamp. With total time iam accounted, trekking up to the top is take us 2 hours and 30 minutes and walk down back to the base camp is take us about 2 hours and total of our trip adventure on Batur volcano on beautyful sunrise time was 4.5hours.

Fell not enough just enjoy the sunrise , we decided to jump at the Natural hot spring on the bottom volcano Batur. Its an Natural hot spring water, from the active Volcano Batur, and the local village has managed the natural hot spring water become amazing attraction on beside of the Lake Batur. And with super amazing view the local called Toya Devisya. The entress fee to enjoy the amazing hot spring water with the price 150.000 idr per person and the ticket we can purchase on the front desk. And the ticket price is included welcome drink, towel,also the access to use the sunchair.

Batur Hot Spring Water

After we enjoy the Hot Spring we continue our trip on the afternoon to have lunch at the view point of Batur volcano , we pick the good location restaurant where is pointed on over looking to the amazing breattaking view of Batur Volcano and lake Batur after refreshing at Hot spring water.

Lunch at Batur View point

The restaurant is call grand puncak sari has this view, the food here was fantastic and is serve with buffet with only 100.000 idr per person with menu indonesian food and western food. We allowed to have everything we like to eat. Fruit salad was fantastic i love it.

After lunch we continue our trip to visit the Bali Coffee plantation, well located on the hill of kintamani , friendly farmer was welcoming us to their farm and also showing us how the process coffee on traditional way with out any machine and also the farmer give us a chance to try the original product they make as famous one is call Luwak Coffee and also the arabica coffee and the farmer also provide us a tea and chocolate we pick directly from the the tree.

Bali coffee farm

After visiting the coffee plantation at Kintamani Village, we continue to our last stop at the popular rice terrace in north of Ubud. Local call it Ceking rice terrace located in Tegalalang village but mostly tourist call it Tegalalang Rice Terrace, yes its the same and it just different name :-).  And at this time we are lucky that the rice terrace was so green and it served us an amazing panorama .

rice terrace of Tegalalang

Just beware with the shop attendant here , because is kind of they are little agresive when they try to sale some thing for you and the key is just say “Tidak Terimakasih ” which is mean no thank you. And after enjoy the amazing view we heading back to Seminyak with lot of Fun and Joy of our day tour adventure to Batur Volcano.  And how about your day? Have you planing any tour in Bali? And if you need driver and services please fell free to contact me at email : or find me on whatapps at +62 082 236 087 680

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Click on the picture above for your advice and See you in Seminyak Bali

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Seminyak taxi to Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Taxi Seminyak to Bali Safari and Marine Park presented by Seminyak Driver putu martika. Special offer taxi price only 150.000 idr one way from seminyak to Bali safari and marine park . And we have arranged pick up at 16.00 pm back from Bali Safari and Marine park to seminyak with another 150.000 idr private taxi services cost.

Big thanks to Mrs. Sally from Australia to book our private transport services from seminyak courtyard by marriot hotel to Bali safari and marine park.

Seminyak Taxi to Bali Safari and marine park

Today we start our day tour to Bali Safari and Marine Park at 08:00 am from Seminyak Courtyard Hotel. With 1 Hour driving pass true highway to the east side of Bali, where the Bali Safari located on Lebih Village in Gianyar District and the distance about 20km from Seminyak we made it arrive at 09:00 am at Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Reception Bali Safari and Marine Park

One day earlier i have arranged the ticket for Mrs. Sally and her son . This time we booked Leopard packaged and the package is included with : Unlimited Safari Journey, Welcome drink, Elephant Ride 10 Minutes, Fresh Water Aquarium, Lunch at Uma Restaurant, Animal Show, Harimau show, Elephant Show, Gold Seat at Bali Agung Show, Water Park , Unlimited Fun Zone, and Souvenir. And the price was : Adult 1.522.500 idr and Children is 1.377.500 idr per person. With our priority access booking in advance that give us a chance to avoid the Long Line waiting que.

And there is view different package at Bali Safari and Marine Park as you can choose below and we can help to call and book it for you with our priority access.

Payment mode : I just can help you to call and the booking activities, for payment you can purchase directly at the front desk with chasier. To avoid a hussle of online booking or lose ticket reference or system error. Pay directly and purchase ticket at the Bali Safari on arrival is the best choice to avoid the trap of tourist information .

Chasier at Bali Safari

The other Price and Package in Bali Safari and Marine Park offers and more detail of activities you can click here

Valid from 1 April 2016 till March 31 2017

1. Jungle Hopper, 797.500 Adult and 625.500 Children
Jungle Hopper has included on a package :
Safari Journey, Fresh Water Aquarium,Animal Show,Elephant Show,Silver Seat Bali Agung Show,Water Park,Fun Zone.

2. Dragon , 1.087.500 idr Adult and 942.500 Child
Dragon has included on a package :
Safari journey, Fresh water aquarium,Lunch at Uma restaurant,Animal show,Elephant Show,Silver seat at Bali Agung show,WaterPark ,Fun zone.

3. Leopard  , 1.522.500 idr  Adult and 1.377.500 idr Child.
Leopard package has included on a package :
Unlimited Safari Journey,Welcome drink,Photo Picture,Elephant ride 10 minutes,Fresh Water Aquarium,Lunch at Uma Restaurant,Animal Show,Elephant Show ,Gold Seat Bali Agung show,Water Park, Unlimited Fun Zone ,Souvenir.

4. Rhino , 2.102.500 idr Adult and 1.667.500 idr child
Rhino package has included on a package :
Unlimited Safari Journey ( Express Line ), Welcome drink, Elephant Back Safari 30 minutes, Fresh  Water Aquarium, Lunch or Dinner at Tsavo Restaurant,Animal show,Elephany Show,Platinum Seat Bali Agung Show, Water Park,Unlimited Fun Zone,Souvenir,Photo picture.

5. Night Safari, 1.087.500 idr Adult and 870.000 idr Child
Night Safari has included on a package :
Night Safari Journey,Walking Safari,Welcome Drink Afrika,Rhythm of Fire Show, BBQ Dinner at N’Kuchiro Bar and Grill,Nocturnal Wildlife Encounter.

Term and conditions

Infant : Below 3 years old.

Child : Bettwen 3 to 12 years old

Adult : 12 years above

What to Do and Not to Do at Safari Park

Do’ :

* Keep clean the park

* Respect to Animals

* Bring Change Chlote, for Water Park

* Use Sunblock Lotion

* Have a Wondroarr- full day

Don’t :

* Bring our side food or drink accept fpr baby

* No feeding or teasing animal at the park accept on program

* Don’t little in the park

* Don’t enter any animal enclosure

* No pet are allowed in the park

Yes, that was our day tour from seminyak to Bali safari and Marine park. And if you like to visit the Bali Safari and Marine park in east of Bali, please fell free to let me know and i can help you to arrange the ticket and transportation from Seminyak to Bali Safari and marine park with affordable price taxi and iam your Seminyak Driver always available for your services with 7 seater MPV minivan by toyota Innova to present you drive comfort in Bali.

Also iam available with another tour and activities services you can find it below

Seight Seeing Tours

Bali Day Tour Click on the Picture

Bali Half Day Tours

Bali Half Day Tour click on the picture

Bali Adventure Tours

ayung river rafting
Bali Adventure Tour click on the picture

For contact you can reach me at

Email :

Phone : 082 236 087 680 local number

Phone : +62 82 236 087 680 Intrl number

Skype : seminyak bali driver

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680

Line : SeminyakDriver

Viber : SeminyakDriverBali

See you in Seminyak Bali


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seminyak taxi to jimbaran bay seafood dinner

Seminyak taxi driver to jimbaran bay in kedonganan village well located in south kuta, enjoy sunset with fresh grill pulled seafood from jimbaran bay with driver mr.putu martika , looking for a good restaurant in jimbaran bay is not an difficulty work, but hunting a recommended plus tasty and the best cooking style as Balinese flavor is a seriously fun adventure.

Jimbaran bay is well known about their specialist market of fresh seafood, the great settup table on the white sandy beach and decorated with candle light over looking true the sunset on Indian ocean it’s the best point presented on jimbaran bay . This is one of the best way to spend a balmy tropical evening and a beautiful sunset , Jimbaran Bay is become major a Destination in Bali and it has developed from sleepy fish market to world class sea-food destination.

Arriving at Kedonganan village, it will be grab your attentions to knows how is look like the beachs of jimbaran and how to get there ? Since the main object of jimbaran bay fish market is located on hidden and have to pass true small line to get there and after take you drive to beach directions, we will see lots cafe seafood and smoky kitchen with lots variants of delicious smell will increase felling to try and enjoy the fresh grill seafood .

Menu Price and Famous seafood served in the most of Jimbaran Bay at the most popular cafe i can listed on estimate, most of the restaurant is serving their visitor as on ala carte menu and the price is accounting a per kilo and ons is served on typical Balinese cooking style grill with fresh Balinese sauce sambal , and fresh fish is available there : Garaupa, baronang,barracuda,king fish,tuna,red/white snapper,mussel,squid/calamary, prawn, and Lobster. The price is starting from 15.000 IDR / Ons for a fresh fish and also can be going up or down following the petrol price as in regular market .

The best time to visit Jimbaran bay if you are in Seminyak , you can start to leave Seminyak at 4 PM and from Seminyak we need not that much time to drive there, is just only 30 minutes with out traffic and it’s the same as direction to airport, my tariff to be your private taxi services to visit a jimbaran is 150.000 IDR for one way drop off only and 300.000 IDR for round trip or return. I will be your luxury  services start from your hotel in seminyak and drive you to jimbaran and waiting for your best time dinner in jimbaran and after it i drive you back to seminyak from jimbaran for booking return transport and  my services tariff is has included : Petrol, Parking Fee,My driving services,WiFi in the car,Water Mineral on bottle . Fully air conditioner car by Luxury Toyota  Innova will presented by seminyak driver putu martika for your transportation comfort having dinner in Jimbaran Bay with capacity for 7 person in one of my car  .

so if you have any inquires about driving services to jimbaran from seminyak , please fell free to contact me as your private driver taxi on English speaking services .  Looking forwards for your contact and see you soon

Best Regards

Putu Martika

Seminyak Bali Driver

Phone and Whatapps  : +62 082 236 087 680





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Seminyak Tour to Ubud and Dolphin Lovina Beach

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Seminyak Bali Driver has designed great over night tour to Ubud and Lovina Beach north of Bali from Seminyak within 2 days and 1 night to covered limited time during holiday in Bali with special price transport iam offer 1.000.000 IDR for 2 days and 1 night, escape the hotel for 1 night only to explore Bali Famous place such as Country side, Great Temple, Spice Garden, Waterfall, Rice Terrace,  and Local life Village activities , we have start our trip from Alila Hotel Seminyak at 08:00 Am and we begin our trip from exploring Ubud Cultural art and second place we did stop at the Lovina Beach and big thanks i wish for Mr. Nguyen Lhiao and Family my customer from China , and below i have listed what several place we have visited during our over night trip and begin from the first day

The first day Tour  we have visit :

  • Batubualan Village: Witness the magical of Barong and Kris Dance Balinese Performance
  • Tohpati Village: Traditional Balinese Batik and Hand Weaving
  • Celuk Village: Incredible gold and silver smith production in traditional Bali located in south Ubud
  • Batuan Temple: To see a magnificent trinity God temple in the village located near the Sukawati Market
  • Mas Village: you can watch fine carvers work on ebony and sandal wood this is located in south east Ubud
  • Temen Village: Spice Garden and explore Bali coffee and fruit tropical located near the Rice terrace Ubud
  • Kintamani : Having lunch on offer looking the tranquil active Batur Volcano  and crater lake about 1 hour drive from Ubud
  • Singaraja : The old Beji temple as the most important irrigation temple is about 1 Hours from the Volcano main street
  • Lovina beach : Over Night at one of sea side hotel in Lovina Beach the hotel we have stayed in Suma Beach Hotel


Second day we did visited :

  • Dolphin Watching : in the morning we start at 06.00 Am, cross the sea by outrigger to see to see the active jumping Dolphin with sunrise also we did snorkeling in beauty coral view  and i love the local boat , its much stabilize
  • Back to Hotel : Breakfast and Check out services , breakfast was good and delicious
  • Banjar Hot Spring : Where you have a chance to take a bath in natural Hot spring   Pool. Then continue to see the Buddhist temple
  • Gigit Water Fall : The Highest twin waterfall in north of Bali
  • Wanasari : A Cluster of towering trees which is  home of friendly monkey
  • Gobleg : Twin lake view with green rain forest surrounding
  • Bedugul : Serene Lake Beratan fills the ancient crater of mount Batukaru
  • Baturiti : Having lunch on local warung  and small restaurant as you wish on rice terrace
  • Taman Ayun Temple : The royal temple in Mengwi is most pointed temple with is own surrounding moat
  • Tanah Lot Temple :  The Famous sea side temple which has been defying the Indian ocean for countries and the best place to see the sunset and   afterwards in the end of the day we having back to hotel in Seminyak

That was our day trip to explore Bali island on limited time , i have designed and great  memorable fun day we have did in Bali ! now we has been back to Seminyak and aim so happy that every one enjoy the tour aim provided and for sure if you still have no choice in your limited time in Bali , why you just stay in the hotel ? lets move on and lets see and explore Bali island with us Seminyak Bali Driver. If you have any inquires about the tour in Bali , please  fell free to contact me by email : or phone whatapps at +62 082 236 087 680 aim available online 24/7 every day . So looking forwards to provided my services for your holiday in Bali .

Best Regards

Putu Martika

Seminyak Bali Driver