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Seminyak taxi to Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Taxi Seminyak to Bali Safari and Marine Park presented by Seminyak Driver putu martika. Special offer taxi price only 150.000 idr one way from seminyak to Bali safari and marine park . And we have arranged pick up at 16.00 pm back from Bali Safari and Marine park to seminyak with another 150.000 idr private taxi services cost.

Big thanks to Mrs. Sally from Australia to book our private transport services from seminyak courtyard by marriot hotel to Bali safari and marine park.

Seminyak Taxi to Bali Safari and marine park

Today we start our day tour to Bali Safari and Marine Park at 08:00 am from Seminyak Courtyard Hotel. With 1 Hour driving pass true highway to the east side of Bali, where the Bali Safari located on Lebih Village in Gianyar District and the distance about 20km from Seminyak we made it arrive at 09:00 am at Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Reception Bali Safari and Marine Park

One day earlier i have arranged the ticket for Mrs. Sally and her son . This time we booked Leopard packaged and the package is included with : Unlimited Safari Journey, Welcome drink, Elephant Ride 10 Minutes, Fresh Water Aquarium, Lunch at Uma Restaurant, Animal Show, Harimau show, Elephant Show, Gold Seat at Bali Agung Show, Water Park , Unlimited Fun Zone, and Souvenir. And the price was : Adult 1.522.500 idr and Children is 1.377.500 idr per person. With our priority access booking in advance that give us a chance to avoid the Long Line waiting que.

And there is view different package at Bali Safari and Marine Park as you can choose below and we can help to call and book it for you with our priority access.

Payment mode : I just can help you to call and the booking activities, for payment you can purchase directly at the front desk with chasier. To avoid a hussle of online booking or lose ticket reference or system error. Pay directly and purchase ticket at the Bali Safari on arrival is the best choice to avoid the trap of tourist information .

Chasier at Bali Safari

The other Price and Package in Bali Safari and Marine Park offers and more detail of activities you can click here

Valid from 1 April 2016 till March 31 2017

1. Jungle Hopper, 797.500 Adult and 625.500 Children
Jungle Hopper has included on a package :
Safari Journey, Fresh Water Aquarium,Animal Show,Elephant Show,Silver Seat Bali Agung Show,Water Park,Fun Zone.

2. Dragon , 1.087.500 idr Adult and 942.500 Child
Dragon has included on a package :
Safari journey, Fresh water aquarium,Lunch at Uma restaurant,Animal show,Elephant Show,Silver seat at Bali Agung show,WaterPark ,Fun zone.

3. Leopard  , 1.522.500 idr  Adult and 1.377.500 idr Child.
Leopard package has included on a package :
Unlimited Safari Journey,Welcome drink,Photo Picture,Elephant ride 10 minutes,Fresh Water Aquarium,Lunch at Uma Restaurant,Animal Show,Elephant Show ,Gold Seat Bali Agung show,Water Park, Unlimited Fun Zone ,Souvenir.

4. Rhino , 2.102.500 idr Adult and 1.667.500 idr child
Rhino package has included on a package :
Unlimited Safari Journey ( Express Line ), Welcome drink, Elephant Back Safari 30 minutes, Fresh  Water Aquarium, Lunch or Dinner at Tsavo Restaurant,Animal show,Elephany Show,Platinum Seat Bali Agung Show, Water Park,Unlimited Fun Zone,Souvenir,Photo picture.

5. Night Safari, 1.087.500 idr Adult and 870.000 idr Child
Night Safari has included on a package :
Night Safari Journey,Walking Safari,Welcome Drink Afrika,Rhythm of Fire Show, BBQ Dinner at N’Kuchiro Bar and Grill,Nocturnal Wildlife Encounter.

Term and conditions

Infant : Below 3 years old.

Child : Bettwen 3 to 12 years old

Adult : 12 years above

What to Do and Not to Do at Safari Park

Do’ :

* Keep clean the park

* Respect to Animals

* Bring Change Chlote, for Water Park

* Use Sunblock Lotion

* Have a Wondroarr- full day

Don’t :

* Bring our side food or drink accept fpr baby

* No feeding or teasing animal at the park accept on program

* Don’t little in the park

* Don’t enter any animal enclosure

* No pet are allowed in the park

Yes, that was our day tour from seminyak to Bali safari and Marine park. And if you like to visit the Bali Safari and Marine park in east of Bali, please fell free to let me know and i can help you to arrange the ticket and transportation from Seminyak to Bali Safari and marine park with affordable price taxi and iam your Seminyak Driver always available for your services with 7 seater MPV minivan by toyota Innova to present you drive comfort in Bali.

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For contact you can reach me at

Email :

Phone : 082 236 087 680 local number

Phone : +62 82 236 087 680 Intrl number

Skype : seminyak bali driver

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680

Line : SeminyakDriver

Viber : SeminyakDriverBali

See you in Seminyak Bali


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