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Hindu Bali Temple Ceremony

Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple
Lake Bratan Temple
Lake Bratan Temple





Seminyak Bali Driver by putu martika the local Balinesse Guide now i would like to clarify about the most commont question about the temple ceremony is that when ? And what is the ceremony call in the temple and how long is beaing the ceremony from the begin till it finish the ceremony. That is the commont question that i hear from my customer or even other customer from other guide that missing to understand that what is ceremony in the temple.

Ok let we start, here we are ! BALI when we talking about Bali it may you mind immideatly think about the beach,people,tradition,culture,surf in Bali and party in Kuta wich is all of those kind of activities that presented for your holiday in Bali, well back to deep inside of Bali , now we talking about the village where is among to local Hindu in Bali , well Bali is  known as an island with thousand Temples . Its eassy to find a temple ceremony if you interest to see it or even joined where is ussually local Balinesse people in the village willing to welcome a visitor to join and help the ritual of course, the ceremony in the Temple we can see or find it on every village in Bali island and the ceremony it self is called ODALAN , the Odalan is a celebration of the first day when the Temple was built. Some Odalan is on shorten period, lasting from 1 to 3 days celebration only, while others can last for up to a month. After the main religius ritual is finished , odalan become more social occasion, with dance,music balinesse intrument what we called Gambelan,drama of Bali,comedy,and shadow puppet plays.

When is odalan ? Since Bali has its calendar system for religious purposes, wich cycle 210 days and each temple celebrates their odalan or ceremony  Every 210 days, its no wonder that is possible for one to see an odalan ceremony of hindu temple in Bali on every day . Read also Balinesse Calendar system

That is my information i can explain you about our religion of Hindu activities specialy  for ceremony regular in the temple in Bali. So if you have any questiin please fell free to contact me at or whatapps at 082 236 087 680 or call me on phone at 082 236 087 680

I hope to meet you in Bali and iam ready to be your driver in Bali.

Happy travelling


Best Regards


Putu martika



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