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Balinese Calendar System

Seminyak Tour Driver by Putu Martika the Seminyak Bali Driver is back again with continuing the Odalan period time as the Balinese Calendar System , as mention to my post on Ceremony in Bali as Hindu Ceremony well is according the Balinese calendar, and how is Balinese Calendar ?

Here is the detail i can explain you now . Most of people know about two kinds of calendar system : 1. Solar system Calendar and the 2. Lunar system calendar. The solar system mostly used internationally, is based on how many days the Earth rotates around the sun . So one year has an average 365 days. The lunar system is used in some asian countries, is based on the time taken by the moon to rotatearound the Earth; which is 29 days +12 hours + 44 minutes so that equation times 12 equals 1 year for the lunar system.

Where Bali uses yet another calendar system. Bali uses the Wuku system based on the week. There are 30 weeks in one cycle ( Balinese Oton ) two oton is one year. So one Oton is mean 210 days so one year in Balinese Calendar system is mean 420 days.

The Balinese calendar system is used mainly for religious purposes such as : to know the auspicious days for farmingand raising animals,starting a bussines,determining the date temple ceremonies,and making a birthsday ceremonies ( Otonan) and other ceremony as Hindu in Bali.

Above a alittle bit about balinese calendar i can tell you and for more info please send  me any of your inquiries to or skype me at seminyakbalidriver or whatapps at 082 236 087 680 or call me directly at 082 236 087 680


See you in Bali


Putu Martika



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