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Five days Tour plan to see Bali

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Helo, Aim Putu Seminyak Private Driver and tour Guide now is present you my new tour plan or we can call thing’s to do in Seminyak , here is the Plan

day 1.
Barong and kris dance there is ticket 100.000 /person this is one of spectact in the morning is starting at 9.30 am so to get this place where is the show is call batubulan village we have to start at 8.30 am with one hour duration dance
Balinese traditional house
after dance show so on this place is just work with donation when we visit them for excample 20.000 idr because it belong to local person in the village

Batuan Temple on this temple we allowed to get in to the temple so we get a sarong balinese costume to borrow to ware to get in side the temple and here in batuan temple there is no ticket is just a donation for excample 10.000 idr

Goa gajah after the batuan temple we can see the goa gajah temple so in this temple we allowed to get in as well but there is ticket 30.000 idr per person so we get a sarong as well to ware in this temple

tegalalang rice terrace
after goa gajah temple we can visit that most popular rice terrace view where you in bali will be perfect view you will see because they just recently plan the baby rice in this spot you will pay ticket 5000 / person

Lunch at Kintamani restaurant with a view of the volcano in this place there is ticket 30.000 / person so in the volcano there is so many restaurant for lunch but all of those normally serve a buffet lunch with cost you 120.000 idr per person if there some one told you less please don belive it because it 120.000 idr is ussual price and included tax already . So i will find you one of my favorite place be sure food is great

On the way back from volcano we can see LUWAK coffee there is no ticket and you will get free coffee test as well but special coffee luwak will cost you 50.000 idr a cup if you try it i have try it and alway i wan more and more is so nice coffee
tirta empul
holy water temple this temple we can see it on the way after coffee luwak there is ticket 30.000 idr on this temple and it has complementary sarong provided
Monkey Forest after tirta empul we can see ubud most popular spot monkey forest ticket here is 30.000 idr per person please remember dont bring any food to get in on this santuary because monkey some time grab it
Last place we can visit Gianyar night market
Here where you can see all tipical of balinese food and how is balinese people spend the time on enjoying night culinary  that on the first day plan .

second day .
Bali Safari and elephant ride .
i have been many time to visit thia place its big place so we need one day to have fun time here so lets start at 9 am so here normally finished at 4 pm if you like to see all show animal and ticket for all activity is 85$ usd perperson where we can book it on the same day . If you book it in advance some time they charge you more . We can call it and book it on our way to get there . So that is second day

Third day
morning we start on Tanah lot temple or people tell us sea side temple on coast bali better to see in the morning late afternoon we can’t see any view because its to many people 🙂

Nusa dua it white sandy beach on this place where all water sport activity as parasailing diving and other kind of water sport and next is uluwatu temple  after nusa dua
Uluwatu Temple
where this temple is on sout west bottom of the island so need 2 hours ride to get there from tanah lot so on the way to this temple we can visit as well padang padang beach is the one of famoust beach in bali and uluwatu temple is has a ticket in 20.000 idr per person and it has sarong to ware there to visit in the temple  please note in uluwatu temple there is monkey more agresive then ubud monkey forest so becare full and dont worry i will be secure you also there is local resque there to safe us from monkey
Kecak fire Dance
this show is start at 6 am with sunset view fantastic only we can see it on uluwatu temple with spectact fire dance i beleive you will say wow amazing 🙂 and this show it has ticket 100.000 idr person . We can buy the ticket when we arrive on the middle of the temple .
Jimbran seafood dinner
having dinner after the dance will be great time to spend on jimbaran with fresh seafood served on table on beach side . Come to bos cafe taste original balinese sauce yummy

Day four
Dolphins show on own habitat where you can watch it only in north of Bali
is lovina beach where here we can see them with hire a local boat will cost you 150.000 / person if you find less price please avoid it because captain will not bring you to see it the captain is ussualy just drive around the beach to safe petrol and normally the dolphin is 4 km away from the beach so dont worry i have a trusted collage captain so i can arrange it for you
this trip we have to start it at 3am because dolphins come to show up alway bettwen 6-9am so we drive 3 hours to go to north
is there hot spring water is call banjar just half hours from lovina beach in this hot spring water will cost you 10.000 idr per person is original hot spring bring towel please and let swim
after hot spring we can visit some restaurant on the way and have lunch and on the way down we can visit Bratan Lake temple one of famous place on north bali ticket is 30.000 idr per person and next we can visit taman ayun temple the royal temple where ticket only 20.000 idr person

that is the update ticket and route tour 2015 May 11.

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