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Bali Fishing Local Spot

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View week haven’t been to East of Bali now is chance to visit most favorite fishing place east Bali . Village of Tanah Ampo 5km before Candisa and 2 km after Padang bay ,the Tanah ampo fishing spot has popular with strike fight of mahi mahi and manta fish because located not that far from manta point of nusa penida on next island .
In Tanah Ampo fishing spot we don’t need a boat hire and get lucky strike on harbour where this harbour not active for some reason karangasem regency build this port and not use it may be Padang Bay harbour still enough to operated the port. So in Tanah Ampo we do fishing with life bite or soft lure i will get there tomorrow morning with mr.Douglas from australia he just recently call me before to disscuss about this and we both agree to leave from Kerobokan at 08:00am and to day is time for me to get some fresh life bite . This late evening i promise to visit mr.douglas at his hotel to talk about how we settup the huck and all equipment . I have check on google map the hotel villa lumbung is not that far from where i stay . Hope we have good luck and get big fish tomorrow 🙂  for any one who love fishing lets go to local spot and fell the bite.
Greeting from Bali fisher man
Putu Seminyak Bali Driver

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