Seminyak Driver

Seminyak Attractions and Tips for you

Seminyak attractions,and things to do in Seminyak . It has plenty activities you can do in Seminyak such as SEMINYAK SQUARE ,KUDETA,POTATO HEAD,LALUCIOLA ,PETITENGET Beach and TEMPLE, first i recommend you to visit northern side of Seminyak such as SEMINYAK SQUARE , is a huge market has many different stuff for sale as a clothe,dress,surf board and etc also along the road of seminyak square where famous people call it JALAN OBEROI because end of the street  there is BIG Hotel call The OBEROI HOTEL where easy for every body to find it , on this road there is many places as well for culinary , for example ULTIMO Restaurant, BUDA Warung and end of the corner from seminyak square you can see the big sign after the oberoi hotel wrote KUDETA where is The Best place to watch sunset and having a cocktail on side of the SEMINYAK BEACH, may after Kudeta if you wan to see the greatest Club in Seminyak next corner from Kudeta is call POTATO HEAD i guess you don’t have to miss this place before you leave seminyak from your holiday, also there is good little restaurant for breakfast is call Cafe Moca location just in seminyak strret is 100 meter north of Bintang Supermarket on the right side of the road where you can have great breakfast and lunchwith fresh food cooked. Other part of Seminyak it seem similar as KUTA TOWN , Busy and many traffic it may that what making the holiday fell like something less felling good.

Tips :

Change your money

Good place to change your money ? may you will interest to go to small store where will showing you big rates and no commissions and if you go there then that is the big mistake you will ever done , tricky and crappy that how it will be . AND now i will give you some info where to have legally Bank to change the money in Seminyak : BMC Money Changer located in front of Bintang Supermarket also EXCHANGE KUTA ,Located in Seminyak Street too and there is the best place to do it with free hassle.

Finding ATM and Don’t Leave your Card on Cash Machine

There is many ATM in seminyak street , just dont forget your card because the card in Bali ATM will come out after the money out from the machine .

and enjoy your travel and i hope i can be your driver in Seminyak to visit the Bali island

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