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Babi Guling , ibu oka ubud

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Babi Guling is the most famous food in Bali , Babi Guling is really Delicious taste suckling pig . Grill cooked  way of Balinese style  with a lot of spice in side of the pig while they grill it and take used a slow fire and taken time 5 to 6 hours on grill er . It’s on that’s way the pig is cooked very well slow and great cooked till inside of the pig , and taste crispy on skin and smooth meat on every single bite of suckling pig it’s hard to forget in the rest your life . Bali Guling use for Balinese people for what ? answer is :  Most of Family in Bali will have their Babi Guling party on house while they have a 3 month baby born ceremony , mostly when is baby born ceremony using Babi Guling for offering because on pass life the life gost of who coming back for reincarnation having credit in some temple place that have to pay by BABI GULING , why ? how we know that ?  that is what i will explain you now and may if you interest to know about it please read slowly and it’s a detail , having a baby in Bali ! as we are Hindu religion and believe with the KARMA , and Reincarnation,  Born -Live-and Dead is a circle that we believe all the human life can’t avoid it as we are Hindu and believing Karma and Pala mean “What we do and what we get” , example plan a rice we will get a rice , plan a chili we’ll get a chili , that immposible if we plan a rice we get a chili come ups !! 😦 yea that what is work on karmapala , okey ,, back again while a Baby Born on the next 42 days after baby born , Balinese parent or new Father and Family will go to the Mangku (Holy man of Hindu ) to ask the Mangku connect to Good or Parent’s family good to asking who is coming back for reincarnation , what they want to have on this life , may where the family have to offer some offering like a TETEBUSAN ( is mean pay the credit for the gust who is back to this world on some temple , its can be on family temple at home , or Kayangan DESA or Temple of Brahma ( Temple Desa or Village main)  ,Whisnu (temple Puseh on Field) ,Or Siwa (temple Dalem or temple on side of cemetery)  . with mangku while we do asking the good , what happen is ” the mangku will connect to the God with a sign a spirit will come tough the body of the mangku and we can speak with the spirit power of god by mangku for mediator . From there we can asking who is coming back , what is the name , what he want , what he expecting to get back , what he bring when baby born because is mystery in Bali that we can see the baby bring a rice , a gold when baby born , its happening many time may you can come to hospital of Premagana in Batubulan taht located in North of Denpasar , its happen alot in Bali is unbelievable but is true ! and you can ask reception in hospital for that happen :-), now after we get ask all about the things we will do a ceremony of a kambuan for Baby where is 42 days old. may you will say why have to wait 42 days after baby born not dircetly after baby born and faster we know who is come back for reincarnation  ? no no, is the answer , because before a kambuan or 42 days parent of baby Born is still on catagory cuntaka or dirty on spirit that’s why is not allowed to go to temple before 42 days. Okey , after a kambuan ceremony , will be there a nelubulanin ceremony which is a baby 3 months old , on this ceremony will defenetly use a Babi Guling for offering ussualy babi Guling is offering in House family temple or we can say Sanggah Kemulan , or rong Tiga , where is Brahma god , Wisnu gods,and Siwa Gods stay there we have believe it , and there a mangku will company us to pay a what a reincarnations gost own to the gods , and included all other offering as well ,after the ceremony happened, we will take back the baby guling and we will having a party with all family with the best taste of Babi Guling .

other things why Balinese use a lot of Babi Guling for Offering, some person is believe with other world , where can give anything impossible can come to be possible . With negotiations with a god’s by offering Babi Guling if person winning something that babi Guling is work as well for key to be success .

still a lot of things in Bali may you wan to knows that i will keep writing on my Blog if i have good time and good internet .

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Putu Gede Martika

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