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Address Pak Man Healer in Ubud

Seminyak Tour Driver presented another amazing spiritual trip from Seminyak to Ubud. This time we had visiting Balian Pak Man Healer in Ubud where located in Banjar Kutuh Kaja as very easy to get to his place. And if you come by your self, you have to keep this address as use full infomation to showing the local if you get lose :

Pak Man Healer Balian in Ubud 

Jl. Tirta Tawar, Gang Kepundung Kembar, Banjar Kutuh Kaja, Ubud Bali Indonesia. Phone : +62  081 338 935 369

Or just take a route from the main road of Ubud you just find out the post office in Ubud jembawan street, then continue 300 meters, then you will find a Tirta Tawar Road then turn left. Continue about 300 meters then you will find the Balai Banjar Kutuh Kaja as the village Meeting place on the left side of the road. And then continue towards little bit more 100 meters and then on the right side you will meet a Gang as a small lane enough for one mini bus or truck to get in and in front of the Gang there is a sign on rock stone carved ” D’Legon Villa ” Just enter the lane or Gang about 30 meters on the left side of the road you will see the sign of ” Kepundung KemBar”

Kepundung Kembar Ubud

And make sure you have to make an appoitment with Pak Man if you like to visit him, because he has limited time in a day to serve his service to visitor.  And for the booking with pak man you can to call his Wife, Mrs. Lucinda on her mobile at Hot Line call : +62  081 338 935 369 or if you can’t reach her on the phone call, please feel free to contact us on email or a call at +62 082 236 087 680 as we are ready to help you get in touch with Pak Man healer Balian in Ubud.

Super Pak man balian healer place in Ubud

Little bit more information about Pak Man Healer we were visited on our spiritual trip Seminyak to Ubud.

  1. Pak man did understand littlebit of English. Mrs. Lucynda will translate for you on private consultation before he did a massage or his treatment. Pak man is physical healing concept where the patient will get healing on massage treatment. And pak man is one of the thousand healer in Bali work with energy healers, his methods included deep healing massage and serve and combined with his own medical and herbs oil. And he treat everything from depression, drug addiction, black magic, and even broke bones. And his session last about one hour and pak man balian healer only sees 3 or 4 tourist in a day and it also open at night only for local help. So do not come with out appointment with Pak Man.
  2. According your ailment, please choose your Healer meet with your need and issue. Because balian is work with different maladies, so the best is to find with your particular ailment or problem you had and we can give more recommendation for you and of course we will keep our conversation private as your privacy. Since the release of Eat pray Love the healing id the booming industry in Bali. Garnering it fair share of imposter, and it some healer specialist on Massage, other are midwives, and set and healed the broken bones.
  3. Make an appointment, view Balian will only accept the client by an appointment and specific date as balinese calendar. And some balian just let the customer turn up and wait depending of the demand. On this case to see Pak man you should book 1 Month in advance or contact us to try to manage with time if thats very important case.
  4. Dress up respectfully by wearing a balinese sarong as balinese costume traditional. Shoulders, midriff arms has to covered, to visit the healer and holy place in Bali.
  5. Menstruation not allowed to visit the healer or temple and holy places in Bali. menstruation is considered unclean on a spirit to enter the temple area or in Balian place mostly has a holy room where balian doing treatment to the patient called Kamar Suci. So its better to pick up the best time to visit the Healer as other then women cycle for lady and any good time after confirme for the man.
  6. Payment metode to the healer, Pak Man the healer will never asking you amount of Money. As the respect, mostly donation we show it there 500.000 IDR or 37 $ Usd for one healing session. And bring canang as Balinese offering and put the money at top of the canang for your donation. “Yes, it’s little bit to much money ” for pak man, but that what we show people donated mostly.

So that was an extra information for you, as adobted on our experience spiritual healing session with pak man healer in Ubud on our ubud spiritual day tour from seminyak. And more information about another tour we do, please feel free to visit our next page to see and collect your tour advice from Seminyak by single click on the image below :

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Trip Advisor Awards Seminyak Driver Bali

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Ubud Hand Reading Bali tour

Bali Ubud Hand Reading ritual

Bali palm reading on our tour from Seminyak to Ubud, is one of famous way of Balinese villager do, to knows about the Horoscope of Birth star, also well known with hand reading to remove curiosity on human life. It’s one of the unique day tour presented by Seminyak Driver Bali remove the sense of dubt by to explore the better future, with a traditional hand reading we able to know what happen will be in our life, started from reading face line then reading hand line the Saint or holyman will able to tell you about your career, soul mate, pass life karma, finance, health, the number of offspring, all will be discussed and giving you an accurate solution when reading the line of face and hand of each visitor. And the day tour also will take you to visit Batubulan village to see the greatest Balinese performance in the morning , and also visiting the Batuan temple, Tegenungan Waterfall, Rice Terrace of Tegalalang, Bali Coffee plantation in Temen Village, sacred monkey forest sanctuary park at Ubud center and the tour will be begin from your hotel companion with our driver and guide on English speaking service. The tour will embark from the hotel with exploring the first destination with :

Batubulan Village 

Barong and kris dancelocated in Batubulan Vilage

Begin the journey with visiting Batubulan Village to see and enjoy the Balinese performance called Barong and Kris Dance, it’s a Bali spirit performance that showing us a life concept on following Bad and Good spirit who are judge by Karma on a human life on Hindu definition. The performance also showing us how is the reality the power of Magic Spirit on a Kris performance where the dancer will trying to penetrate the skin with Keris as a Balinese weapon but nothing will be happen with the skin as no one can attack the power of spirit. The ticket to enjoy the performance can be purchase directly on the front desk at Batubulan village and the ticket price is 100.000 IDR Per person.

Batuan Royal Village Temple 

Batuan temple

The amazing royal village temple in Batuan Village, the temple was build on isaka 944 century and visiting Batuan temple allowing the visitor exploring the three part of the holy temple area as the out side , middle side, and the center area of the holy area at the temple. A visitor will present a sarong as Balinese costume to wear visiting the holy area and the visitor also allowed to take a picture at the temple area. Visiting the Batuan temple there is ticket 10.000 IDR per person and can be purchase directly at the temple front desk information.

Bali Palm Reading

Bali Hand Reading

Get rid of curiosity future life with the hand line reading, a famous healer in Ubud as the most accurated prediction as world well known Mr . Jero Mangku Ketut Liyer, and bequeath his skill to his son Mr. Nyoman or Pak nyoman also everyone call him a Mangku Nyoman. Checking a life line as listed on your hand is curiosity to know how is your life, financial, love, family,karma from pass life,and destiny. Is a very interesting to hear what is the predictions and mostly the prediction is work, proven on the famous story of Eat Pray and Love by Mrs. Julia Robet on her travel time to Bali and visiting this spiritualist to have your hand reading will cost you 300.000 idr per person and sarong and offerings will be provided at pak man place.

Bali Coffee Plantation 

roasting bali coffee

Try the best complimentary of Bali coffee, enjoy the tour presented by local farmer that lead you to exploring the amazing coffee farm. See how the process of making coffee from choice the correct bean and drying the bean, till the bean get roasted will presented on our tour at Bali Coffee plantation, ending a the visit on finish point , the farmer will give us a free trial of coffee after long process we have done on the tour. And visiting lovely bali coffee plantation is a free of charge or no ticket.

Lunch at Teba Sari Warung

Balinese food

Amazing warung as small restaurant has setted up surrouding fish pond and over looking to the rice field, the freash air blowing from the open field will ensure to  bring you get encloser to the natural side. Available menu with Balinese cuisine, Indonesian, Western, and also vegetarian food is served on Warung Tebasari restaurant.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall

A famous amazing waterfall located in south east of Ubud. Marked as the best high light attraction in Ubud, a great scenery presented to the visitor of Tegenungan Waterfall, a beautiful of tropical forest and green scenery surrouding the waterfall will spoiling the visitor on hunting a great picture with a lovely camera, adventure on river side with ligh treeking side is available to experience the wonderful time at tegenungan waterfall . And visiting the Ubud tegenungan waterfall will be there is ticket 15.000 IDR per person.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Beyond the amazing view

An amazing view on the top of rice terrace, visiting the rice terrace is allowed the visitor to step down to the field road on a easy treeking, encloser with the process how the rice growing at the rice field, how the farmer organitation called” Subak “manage with the water irigation and how many rice do the farmer get on every three months that will be discussed on our visiting time at the rice terrace with the friendly local farmer at the rice terrace tegalalang. Visiting tegalalang rice terrace there is a ticket 10.000 idr per person.

Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey forest ubud

Monkey forest Ubud is never had enough when we are visiting this funny place, seeing  the monkey surrounding tropical rain forest at the heart of Ubud. Visitor will welcoming by friendly monkey on their natural habitat, take a walk at the bridge side of campuhan river is one of the best sport on visiting the forest, pray at the wishing holy poll by trowing your coint as we hope Good will make it come true as what we wish at the holypoll and spring water. And visiting the Monkey forest there is ticket 50.000 idr per person.

Ubud Hand Reader Bali Itinerary: 

08 : 00 Am : Departure from Hotel

09 : 30 Am : Visit Barong and Kris Dance

10 : 45 Am : Visit Batuan Temple

11 : 30 Am : Visit Hand Reader in Ubud

12 : 30 Pm : Visit Coffee Plantation

13 : 30 Pm : Lunch at Tebasari Warung

14 : 30 Pm : Visit Tegenungan Waterfall

15 : 30 Pm : Visit Rice Terrace

17 : 00 Pm : Visit Monkey Foret Ubud

18 : 00 Pm : Back to Hotel

Ubud hand reading day tour price : 450.000 IDR per car occupant with 7 person passenger . Tour Duration : 10 Hours.

Seminyak Taxi Driver and Customer

Ubud hand reading day tour included : Petrol, private air conditioner car, parking fee, mineral water bottle, sarong balinese costume, offering, and also English speaking driver and Guide

Ubud hand reading day tour excluded : Entrance fee : Barong and Kris Dance 100.000 idr per person, Hand reading 300.000 idr per person , Batuan Temple 10.000 idr per person, Tegenungan Waterfall 15.000 idr per person, rice terrace 10.000 idr per person, Monkey forest 50.000 idr per person and lunch are optional on a alacarte menu.

What to Bring : Money, Camera, Hat, Sun Block or sun scream and modest clothe.

Payment Mode : Paypal or Cash money.

Would you like to customize the tour? you can contact us at

Email : seminyakdriver@gmail.com

phone : +62 082 236 087 680

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680

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Seminyak Half Day Tour

Jimbaran dinner sunset dinner half day tour
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The Best Travelers Choice Seminyak Adventure and Tours 2016

Seminyak Driver and Transport Service and all of our team Tour driver Wish you a Merry Christmas and  Happy New year 2017.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2017

Glad that we will pass a 2016 in a view days and welcoming our new year 2017 and of course with a big wish hopefully on the next new year 2017 we can make everything we do better then on the pass year 2016.

And as the tradition on Seminyak Bali Driver in the end of the year, we always published a travelers best choice Adventure and Tours base on our data records for your report and advice tours in Seminyak Bali.  And the best TOP 10 Nominated Tour 2016 is :

# 1 Ubud Day Tour 

Ubud Day Tours Click the Picture for Detail

Has been booked 241 time from January 2016 to 20th December 2016 by travelers stayed in Seminyak.

# 2 Nusa Dua Uluwatu Sunset Tour 

Uluwatu Sunset more detail click the Picture

Has been booked 192 time from January 2016 to 20 December 2016 by travelers stayed in Seminyak.

# 3 Ayung Rafting and Elephant Ride

Ayung Rafting click the picture for Detail

Has been Booked 186 time from January 2016 to 20th December 2017 by traveler stayed in Seminyak.

# 4 Hotel Transfer and Drop off 

Drop off Price detail please click the picture

Has Been Booked 182 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 5 Ayung Rafting Uluwatu Sunset Tour

Ayung Rafting Uluwatu Sunset Tour Click the picture for more detail itinerary

Has Been Booked 145 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 6 Bedugul Lake Side Temple Tour

Lake Bratan Temple click the picture for more detail of the itinerary

Has Been Booked 145 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 7 Volcano ATV Ride Tour 

Batur volcano tour click Picture for detail

Has Been Booked 126 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 8 Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour 

Sunrise trekking click the picture for more detail itinerary

Has Been Booked 105 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 9 Lovina Dholpin Sunrise Tour

Dolphin Tour click picture for more Detail

Has Been Booked 97 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

# 10 East Bali Tour

Tirta Gangga water temple in east Of bali for more detail please click the picture

Has Been Booked 77 time by travelers stay in seminyak from January 2016 to December 20th 2016

Above is the Best Top 10 Travelers choice in Seminyak Kuta Bali. Voted by Seminyak Driver Team data base 2016.

And again we wish thank you very much for your kind to used our service as your driver and Guide in Seminyak Kuta Bali on the pass time 2016 and also for you the next Bali Visitor and willing to area Seminyak,Kuta, Canggu,Kerobokan,Ubud or Nusa Dua and if your looking for Bali Driver and Private Tour Sevices, please fell free to contact us at :

EMAIL : seminyakdriver@gmail.com

WhatApps : +62 082 236 087 680

Phone : +62 082 236 087 680

We are available 24/7 Every time you need . Over all thank you very much and See you on your holiday in Bali.

Best Regards

Putu Martika

On behalf

Seminyak Bali Driver Team



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Seminyak to Ubud combined with Uluwatu Sunset day tour

Tour from Seminyak to Ubud culture art traditions and combined with sunset kecak fire dance in Uluwatu temple day tour presented by Seminyak Bali Driver . Thanks to Mr Laurent and family 6 persons from Singapore to give me a chance to day to be your private tour guide in Bali.

To day we have started our day tour at 9 am from Villa Kubu Seminyak where is located at Gang Ratna at jalan plawa Seminyak, our plan has been shettle on the day before we doing the trip, contact on email it make us easy to have conversation and planed our listing where to go.

Deal with the transport price 450.000 idr on website from seminyak to ubud and then ubud to uluwatu temple and finish dinner at jimbaran bay on 10 hours of my services. At 9 am we start our journey from villa kubu to the tohpati village, where in tohpati village we have to drive around 1 hours from seminyak to the north east direction of Denpasar city as requested on itinerary.

Tohpati Village is one of famous village in south part of Ubud where we can see the local people in the village working on hand weaving art of textil and paint of Batik, the official clothe of Indoneisan sosial activity is Batik and Batik Bali is one of popular and unique design which is more popular Indonesian people wear it on national even. Visiting Batik hand weaving factory there is no charge we have to pay in Tohpati Village.

After Tohpati Village we continue to visit the suplyer of Bali Souvenir where is located in 10 minutes drive north after the Batik place. The place is call Windu Segara where is the biggest and the cheapest souvenir store in Bali, the shop is self is kind of looking huge and so many thing’s of souvernis available there they sale, from Spa Soap,Oil massage,T Shirt, Wood Carving,Handy craft,cake ,balinese peanuts, kacang disco,Pia Legong, and many different thing’s of balinese souvenir is available in segara windhu where is must cheaper then Kuta street even Krisna market most popular in kuta sunset road is still more expencive then Segara Windhu. And this kind of place you have to visit if you looking for an cheap souvenir shop and away from tourist price. Thanks to Mr Lee to give me the new info about segara whindu , and also thanks for friend of mr Lee who recommend us Segara Whindu.

After we did shoping for cheap souvenir we continue to visit Batuan Temple, the oldest temple in the south of Ubud , in Batuan temple we allowed to taking picture and also allowed to visit in side of the temple holy area. In Batuan temple is managed by Batuan village in Sukawati regency. Visiting the temple even we allowed to go in to holy area, we still have to respect of biggest low and restricions of the temple where the women on period of menstruations is not allowed to visit the holy area , is kind of beliving rule for who break the rule will having bad luck for 1 month and 7 days. And visiting the Batuan temple when is builded on 433 centurys ago , we will get borrow free sarong as Balinese uniform to ware to come in to temple, and then there is no ticket is just there a donation 5000 idr per person  and we put our donation in the box provided and i have asked the man working there the donation we do will come to the village for temple maintenance and ceremony cost.

After visiting the temple  we continue to visit the Waterfall in Tegenungan Village, drive less then 20 minutes we reach at waterfall. In Tegenungan waterfall we can see the view amazing nature where is the water falling down on the middle of big huge stuning rock and fell the fresh air on Tegenungsn waterfall, at this time we just taking picture from view point and there is opportunity to do a treeking to go down get close to waterfall with an easy access stair , pass down with step on 187 stair you will reach at the river also there is an fresh spring water where local ussualy take the water for drinking water and we also allowed to drink that fresh pure water from the fountain on river side on Tegenungan waterfall. Trekking on visiting river in waterfall of tegenungan will take around 1 hours return trip, and the ticket visiting this spot of tegenungan waterfall is 10.000 idr per person .

After we visited the waterfall of Tegenungan, we continue to have lunch at Ibu Oka Ubud warung to try the suckling pig, suckling pig is one of the famous Balinese Maincourse or favorite food in Bali, suckling pig is fresh grill whole pig and fresh serve with portion menu as ussual combined with rice and jack vegetable is call lawar . The sett menu complete ala charte in ibu oka babi guling is cost us 80.000 idr per portions, and fresh juice orange is perfect for combine the Babi Guling in Ibu oka Ubud, lot of people get confuse and have question ”  is that only pig the food in Ubud? ” my answer is : no , ubud has located in the middle of island where is little hard to get fish or seafood in serveral restaurant, if there warung or small restaurant serve a fish, thats mostly wih serve a fish from Batur Lake where the fish is call Gurami or Mujair. But Ubud also has another favorite maincourse from Duck and chiken, one of famous food in Ubud culinary is Crispy Duck and Chiken Steam or Ayam Betutu.

Then continue our trip after lunch around 1.30pm, we heading to Rice terrace in tegalalang village. Drive to the north direction from ubud city center about 8 Km we arrive at Tegalalang Rice terrace, in tegalalang rice terrace there is ticket we paid 10.000 idr per person and the tegalalang rice terrace is popular with the name Ceking rice terrace on local name. The tegalalang rice terrace is made by farmers who leave and having a land mark on tegalalang hills, and since the area is not flat, thats why the farmer make it flat on each part of their land till down sode the river and become terraced, rice here in ceking rice terrace ussualy need the time 4 month to grow from farmer start to plan it and until farmers pick the rice  from the plan , and they do it 3 time a year growing a rice and the rest of the month will grow something else as the peanuts or sweet popatos for the land filterlized. Most of the problem witn rice field is water, and in terrace of ceking tegalalang has an organitations call Subak who is take car for the water and split it to each terrace to aviod problem with water. Well subak is self is an organisations from farmers, they will decided any of their problem on the metting point and the metting ussualy the subak do it on the end of the month.

Finish enjoyed the rice terrace, we continue to visit the luwak coffee farm, located just 3 minutes drive after the rice terrace call Bali Pulina they get recommendation by their friend and to visit this place, is interesting the farming and beauty view of river side the farm is amazing. And visiting bali pulina luwak coffee is free of charge and if you like to try the luwak coffee will cost you 50.000 idr per cup and the rest is free of charge of testing.

After the coffee farm and the time show us 3 .30 pm we drove down to Uluwatu temple, with drive 2 hours from ubud to uluwatu pass true baypass ngurah rai and toll ngurah rai with VVIP card, and if you pass on usual ticket will cost 11.000 IDR per car and  we made it to Uluwatu in 2 hours drive from Ubud , reach in uluwatu temple we have to get the ticket and have to pay 20.000 idr for one person to get visiting the holy area and then we get free to borrow the sarong and belt . Also in uluwatu temple there is free toilet ,and there is monkey you have to becareful. The monkey in uluwatu temple love beauty colour of soes and bag also sun glasses, please becareful the most important is hide your reading glass from Monkey. But all the scare of monkey will get paid after we show the Amazing view of sunset also we do have see the Kecak and monkey dance performance in uluwatu temple where is has story of Ramayana , where Dewi sita has stolen by Rahwana and Monkey Hanoman got help Dewa Rama get back Dewi Sita from Rahwana visiting the kecak and monkey fire dance great performance in Uluwatu temple there is ticket 100.000 idr per person and the dance is start from 6 pm till 7 pm.

Then after the dance , we hading back to seminyak within 2 hours drive included traffic, and along the way we have seen the popular Naughty Nuris pork ribs in peninsula hills jimbaran, and every one have decided to have dinner before hading back to Villa.

Over all our trip was super excelent,and lot of fun on the day tour. And again i i wish thank you very much for Mr Lee and family for book my services to day and not forget to inform you if you need any driver in Bali to have a great fun day tour in Bali from seminyak or any are in bali as my consider services from hotel in  nusa dua ,kuta seminyak,canggu ubud, please fell free to contact me at email seminyakdriver@gmail.com and you can reach me at phone on +62 082 236 087 680 also available whatapps on that number , line , wechat also available on seminyakbalidriver .

See you in Bali

Best Regards

Putu martika

Seminyak Bali Driver

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Seminyak to Amed Beach East Bali

From Seminyak to Amed with special transport price 500.000 idr only with putu Seminyak Bali Driver  Sunrise special deal. Last minutes request by Mr Lee Lolenzo from Singapore, where they stayed in Jas Green Villa seminyak, with the unique of one way drop off on limited time from Mr Lee for me.

With the 4 persons of the participant we start the trip at 5.30am from the lobby Jas Villa Seminyak the unique of this trip we have to be there at 9am to do boarding at office Kuda Hitam Fast Boat to Gili where the group Mr Lee Lolenzo will going to Gili Trawangan, as ussual from seminyak to gili trawangan normally we can do it easy by arrange the fast boat services by check in and boarding at Harbour in Padang Bay where is much closer from seminyak compare to get the boat in the end of island east side Amed Beach.

From seminyak i have take the short cut road to Amed, get to pass the Sunset road and bay pass ngurah rai where is completely no traffic at all on that time, make reach there at 8.15am at amed beach, it was pretty strange with the boat company Kuda Hitam , they don’t have the proper harbour where customer have to make boarding ,we have to do it in the small Restaurant call Warung Bali , from Warung Bali Amed the boat it leave to Gili trawangan.

Along the road of our journey we have pass by  the Goa Lawah Temple, also we drive by Salt mining in Gunaksa Vilages, and unexpected in the corner of main road after the salt production in east Bali we meet the Bali police make secred operation to check the lisence of motor bike and car pass around that road. Lucky a i have fully registered as the tourist driver and fully lisenced of Tourist MPV car so after checking by the police everything is fine.

Then we continue the road and pass by Candi Dasa beach, and can’t hold any more one of the group need a rest room that is little difficult for me to find it on the middle of the forest road area, finally i remember that i have friend who own a hotel in candidasa beach, and i drive directly there to borrow a restroom and after it we continue to east bali with one more hour from candidasa to amed, road is not that busy like in seminyak expected to reach in 1 hour in Amed but we did make it in 40 minutes from candidasa with an ussual 60 km per hours speeding and also we make little stop at Tirta Gangga temple with out ticket entress because no body in ticket counter and we just walk in asked by local balinese there and was beauty place in east Bali.

Arrive in Amed Beach we do finding difficult to found the Kuda Hitam Harbour where i have asked view people in Jemeluk where is famous spot of snorkeling there and not so much people knows about it and also we use Google Map Gps and make us readh just until the little tourist information which is they don’t know about our booking since mr Lee make a online booking trough their boat website. Lucky we got alot of time , and is my time to make research and make a contact with kuda hitam on skype. And binggo i found all detail on internet and reach the staff and have chat with them about the booking and finally we get direction to go to Warung Bali where they will do check in to get boat .

Still have time 1 hour to go , after we found the place Warung Bali finally every one decided to have coffee and breakfast , also they offer me a cup of coffee and that is Big thanks to mr lee. Your special offer cup of coffee make me fell good this morning and enjoy my morning sunrise time with you guys this morning in Amed Bali, and over all  the trip we did this morning from seminyak to amed was great fully and thanks to east of Bali has present us the Best of the best view of Natural of Bal as specialy the view of Agung Volcano i love it.

And if you need to drive to amed, please fell free to contact me at seminyakdrjver@gmail.com and my phone number is +62 082 236 087 680 you also can reach me on whatapps for fast response .

Looking forwards to receive your email and contact, and fell free to let me know if you have any inquires about driving in Bali









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Seminyak to Taman Nusa Bali see all Indonesian Traditional House in half day

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Seminyak Bali Driver by Putu Martika proudly present the best activites on your holiday in Bali from Seminyak. To day we do full day trip to Ubud and see all tradional house and culture in Taman Nusa Bali where located in Banjar Blahpane, Desa Tulikup Village,Gianyar Distric Bali which is 30 minutes drive to east of Ubud where is 1 Hour drive from seminyak center to east direction.

Start at 8.30 am from Seminyak we drive to Taman Nusa Bali, this place is show up the all traditional of Indonesian traditional house and culture, in Taman Nusa Bali we can see all traditions such as traditional dance,local people as how they leave at their compound.

From west of Indonesia untill east of Indonesia is present it there in Taman Nusa, and for us was interesting to see the traditional house of Papua Native and also traditional house of Toraja.

The Taman Nusa Bali is builded on 9 Hectare land,visiting around the all area can be take 3-4 hours walk on slow enjoy the route and also there is possibility to borrow a buggy or small golf car to take us arround with local guide there with free of charge provided.

Ticket to visit Taman Nusa Bali to see the real indonesian traditional house in a day only 350.000 idr per person for tourist and for local is 100.000 idr per person, we allowed to bring our own food and drink and also there is a restaurant there where is served really good indoneisan food with local standard price but we where not having lunch there because we where hunting for Ubud tipycal cullinary of crispy duck. Over all was interesting to visit the Taman Nusa Bali from there we don’t have to fly to other island to learn the local tradition and culture of indonesia.

After spended half day from morning to afternoon in Taman Nusa Bali we heading to Ubud to have lunch as we wan to have a tipycal traditional Ubud food as Crispy Duck . 30 minutes drive from Taman Nusa Bali finally reach at Ubud , one place looking good on beside of rice field is grab our attentions to stop there is call Teba Sari Warung Restaurant and we rapidly make stop there and check the menu they have, and binggo found a crispy duck listed on the menu and all of us having lunch there with Ubud deliciuse yummi taste on great flavour traditional crispu duck and also we have Ayam betutu ( chiken steam ).

After lunch , we continue our trip to visit the rice terrace of Tegalalang where located in 5 km norh of Ubud. A beauty terracing is refreshing our eyes when is hot temperature has been start from 9 am in the morning, well as specialy listed on google weather Bali has strom and rain but the reality is totatly on other way around we got so hot and dry and fully of Sun hot now this year . No rain at all, hopely get rain because lot of rice farming is not really on well condition because it to dry. Lucky in high place near Tegalalang rice terrace there is Lake Batur just under the Batur Volcano still irigated the field on arround the area . But in some low area is completly dry, hope this case will change soon .

After we enjoy the view amazing of rice terrace we drive down to visit Ubud Market and Ubud Royal Palace, but along the way there is huge green coffee farm attack our attention to stop and finally we decided to make a stop at big farming call Bali pulina, is interesting the farmers here explain us how they grow the coffee plan and process the bean also here we have seen the Luwak coffee and the grand mother do roasted coffee bean we have seen here and meet Mrs. WAYAN she is the laddy there offer us to try the product they have make it there and we pleasure to have great chair offer looking to their farm and enjoy the coffee there. And finished our coffee finally we heading to ubud town .

From the north side of ubud we drive by country side on back yard of ubud city see more traditional Balinese Village where is. Some rice field has been changed to the villa and holiday resort, well is sad to see but iam sure before it happen the owner of the land it has thing twice to have it. Well on our 30 minutes drive finally we reach at Ubud City, crowded has begin .

Park our beauty car in Ubud Parking center where is located north side of Ubud palace where is the street name is Jalan Suweta is an modern parking concept with hourly charged where is per hours cost 3000 Idr  snd very safe, my recommend if you drive uour own vehicle please don’t lose ticket park because will be complicated in the end to get out of it.

We walk to Ubud palace from Ubud parking center, is take 10 minutes walk slowly slowly , is masive and beauty building is front of our eyes , Ubud Royal palace has a name as well Puri Saren where is the local name we call it in Ubud there is 3 defferent part area of the palace where is there area out side we call Jaba Sisi,Middle Part JABA TENGAH,JEROAN the center private area.

Jaba sisi the funtion is like area where the king of Ubud welcoming the guest who is come to visit ubud royal palace, as ussual if there an special guest visit the royal palace , will be there an welcoming show dance as balinese dance will be welcoming on the stage on jaba sisi.

Jaba Tengah the funtion is as welcoming the visitor who visiting the royal palace to meet the King of Ubud. Therr is meeting building at the middle srea jaba tengah where is on that building there is an chair rounding the table meeting, as the story i hear from the man work in the palace that chair is kind of important place when the King of ubud make a decicion to resolve the problem what the visitor have .

Jeroan the function is private area for personal of king family, the ubud king had view wife , where on this time already pass away but the photo we still can see it on listed on the wall of building. Normally the tourist not allowed to visut the private area.

Last stop we make on our trip is Ubud Market , located just cross the road of Royal Ubud Palace , the traditional ubud market is start to open at 4 am nd there is 2 different part of markrt where is on east side mostly open for sale a food and west part is specialy an art market . We when visited the art market see the most popular art they have in ubud market traditional, is kind of unique place to see where all different art hand made is there in ubud market.

In Ubud market we take around and have a look the art of ubud and my advice for next visitor to ubud market please dont ask the price of the thing if you don’t really like to have it because they will hold your hand till you dealing with it then they let you go 🙂  . And finally satisfied in day trip we do on late afternoon we drive back to Jas Villa in seminyak .

That was one of the best cultural tour day we have done yesterday, how about your day? Have you plan to do some thing in Bali while your stay in seminyak? Yes if you wish to have a great and fun day and if you need a driver and guide english speakers, please fell free to contact me at email : seminyakdriver@gmail.com or call me at phone or  whatapps at +62 082 236 087 680 i will be ready to be your guide assistance to explore tradition cultural and more activities in Bali.

So hope to see you in Bali and will present my best services for your holiday in Bali.

Best Regards

Putu Martika





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Cremation Bali Tour

Bali Cremation
Bali Cremation
Bali Cremation ceremony
Bali Cremation ceremony
Bali cremation
Bali cremation







Bali cremation tour is one of the religius tour i do as to show you, cremation in Hindu religion of Bali we call it “ngaben” Its one of the view step process we believe on Hindu religion to get Moksha ,Is an rituals perfoming on Hindu Religion of Bali to find  ‘moksha’ ( Freeing of rencarnation and death cyrcle ). Its process to send the deceased to the next life, the body of deceased will be treated on when there is massal or village cremation ceremony day, where the cremation will be prepare in meeting place on the village and all member of the village will work together to prepare it. When there a member or part of family dead or pass away normally the family will do treat the dead body to first step as bury it on cemetery, till the village will make an massal cremation ceremony. Where all the cost of cremation ceremony will be alloted to all family particypant or adherent ceremony of cremation .

The ceremony of cremation in Hindu Bali also can be done on individual support family, if the family can afford all the cost where getting expencive for the moment. The cheapest and acurrate way is joined massal cremation in the village. The proper day of cremation is always a mather of consulting a specialist Balinese calendar  following good timing to do cremation .

The climax of a Ngaben or cremation ceremony is the burning of the sarcophagus containing the body of the deceased. The fire is viewed as necessary to free the spirit from the body and enable reincarnation.

The step i believe is deppending of Karma , more Good Karma is more easy to get Moksha.

Joining the cremation ceremony, we have to ware a balinese custume as sarong and udeng also ware a black t-shirt or darks colour.

To see the cremation ceremony we have to check first where and when the ceremony will be done, if you interest to see it please send me an email to seminyakdriver@gmail.com or chat me on facebook.com/SeminyakBaliDriver and also iam available on WhatApps at +62 082 236 087 680 or call phone also available on 082 236 087 680 and transport price my offer is 450.000 idr and deppending how far is distance is where we can disscus it about the price.