Love is colourful
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She cheating on you : How to quickly rise from broken heart

Headace Broken Hearth

So what is our attitude in dealing with situations like this if the person we love is cheating on us? Oh my God ” Cheated On ” So love is the strongest feeling, so betrayal of love is the deepest wound. It is make the feeling of humiliation, the feeling of being replaced, the feeling of being unappreciated, that feeling of inferiority mixed into one. Including feelings of disappointment because of the death of hope and need to realize Love will not exist without hope.

Wait let me take you to flash back. In the past, when we loved some one, there was hope, and that hope required us to plan, so people who fall in love love and have hope and plan for the future. In a plan that includes personal changes to stay loved, and be a good lover. The commitment to love someone is very strong and very big, and one day the obstacles will of course come and one of them is betrayed.

Love is colourful
Love colourful

The word betrayed is indicated that we are betrayed who are dissolved in feelings of love, If we don’t love, there will be no betrayal, don’t you think?

In love there is trust, because no one can love someone before trusting someone. And indeed we can trust without loving. However, it happens in other areas, for example business partners and coworkers.

lovely moment

Back to betrayal, this has a huge impact on feelings of love. And what if we are betrayed ? I can imagine as similar experience and the reactions you willing to get definitely angry, swear at it, and it can be all kinds of bad prayers. if we realize even though it is forbidden to pray bad. But at the peak of time we know we have been betrayed, the fire of our anger is abysmal.

Ok after being angry, I say after being angry, because I believe no one can afford to be angry for long. must be tired! Because God puts a limit on our hearts, on our souls to be able to be angry only at the limit point that we have. And in the ends automatically the soul will start to get tired, start to give up, start learning to accept, start learning to be wise that is.. ” If it is not for me ” all plans will not be happen. Without us realizing the awareness of wisdom absorbs and permeates us, until we find the answer that all this is not human behavior or plans but God’s intervention.

Stringing love need patient

Again the question arises “How cruel is God to separate love from the people I care about?” The answer is : Maybe we think God is very cruel because we don’t understand what God means. All human plans can succeed or not depending on being blessed by God except for plans for good.

And what about the person I love betrayed ?
• Luckily he betrayed now, imagine if he does this later when your big name is above and all matters involve him and at that time he betrays, the pain is more pronounced than now of course
• So being betrayed is better now than later, right?

And the second benefit of the wise, believe that God is preparing someone better than before, because I just betrayed the previous person who didn’t suit me.With this incident, hopefully I can improve and elevate my status as a better person in the future. Believe that God has determined a person’s degree, if he betrays it means he is not of the same quality and is not in your class, even though it’s hard and not easy to do, let’s be grateful. So the realization that he’s leaving us is a sign that he’s not in our class, it promises a better chance that someone better person is being reserved for us.

This incident can be concluded :
• Indeed, those who are patient, deserve something better. Therefore, be patient if we are betrayed
• The spirit of moving on, not immediately forgetting but looking for a new refreshment of mind, traveling to a different place other than the place he used to visit is the best solution continue life as best as possible without him. Because if you still allow him, talking about the concept of him, as a memory, afraid that other love will not enter.

so after all of everything, if we get cheated or betrayed on a big first step we allow our souls to react to this evil,don’t react too badly, but react as an expression of annoyance or whatever as a human.

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