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Balian Healer Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

Om Swastiastu, first i would like to wish thank you very much to the God for blessing us to meet Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. As a Real Balinese healer where he help us a lot on his treatment for my friend Mona – Tommy and my self.

It was an amazing time during the treatment, there is view reason why we come to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati, after we have founded so many healer that has tipycaly comercial healer and we got fell so tired of it. And thank God to navigate our spiritual journey to meet with Jro Gede Eka Sukawati.

Experienced with power of spirit, cakra’s and energy healing, many things that you can get help from Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. On our visit we come with bring a offering ” Pejati ” the name of the offering and you can get it on the traditional market and the healing donation is as much you can afford, there is no tariff. At this time we put 250.000 idr for our donation and how is look the Pejati offering ? We have attached below :

Offering to bring when you come to visit healer

What is Pejati offering ? Yes, pejati offering is a simbolic of the universe as contained with art and part of natural good. For excample there is canang sari which is decorated with flower with full colour that mean there is many kind of diferrent life that leave on universe. And there is a coconut as simbolic of the globe, there is duck eggs as simbolic of the moon, some fruits such as banana and many other fruit on the bucket as a parts of the universe. And pejati offering will be offered before you having treatment and that has a mention excuse to the God and Universe power, that we will having holy time on our healing session and we hoping to get blessed. Thats is the point of Pejati offering as what we presented on the holy time.

And on your visit, please use a sarong and for the woment get period is not allowed to come and women can come to visit after period or after menstruation and thats above is important to prepare before come to visit and get the healing treatment by Jro Gede Eka Sukawati.

Melukat ritual

There is no entry number, because there is local Balinese also come to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati to get healing and you can come in the afternoon or morning time after 10.00 am after the morning ritual Jro Gede Eka Sukawati do in the morning. Remember, need to be patient. Some time there is a que as it who come first will get help first and is come to the next after the other finish and most of treatment is about 45 Minutes to 1 hour deppending the healing time needed

What you can expected when visiting Jro Gede Eka Sukawati and What Jro Gede Eka can do for you ? Based on our experienced and pulling the question to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati as we got the answer as it come Jro Gede can do for you to help you to get healing treatment for Energy Cakra Healing, Meditation healing, black magic removing, stress and depression healing treatment, stroke treatment healing , diabetes healing , body reading to find out what is need on your body. For example if there some cakra on your body not working properly that will effect to your journey and make you feel lot stressed and get panic or worry to much. And the best way, i can recommend you to get treatment with Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. And unusual experience i never forgot during when the meditation attended by Jro Gede Eka Sukawati and he touch our head and it feel like a warms power running to my head and it bring me to subconscious and from there you can see what is working and what’s going on with you. That was my unforgettable experience that i have to share the experience with you.

Body balancing with a special energy transfer to improve and get back your body balance, clean the bad spirit, bad energy and bad aura also Jro Gede Eka will take you to understand mixing of the natural medicine. Where all the medichine presented with out cemical and pure naturaly and eassy for our body accepted during or after the treatment.

How to get to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati place and what the address ? Jro Gede Eka Sukawati place is located on 350 meter behind the Guwang Sukawati market. On the maket of guwang traditiinal market take the first lane and come to the ends of the lane and then you will see the T junction and turn left and go strike till the end of the road you will see the end with turned left and come in and one hundred meter you wll see the only one house and temple on the middle of rice field. Then that is the Jero Gede Eka place.

How if you have other question regarding to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. Please do not hestitate tp contact me, attention directly to me at phone + 62 82 236 087 680. Or email to i hope everyone safe and healty and big hope to see you on the time of unforgettable amazing experience in Bali.

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