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Seminyak Tour presented by Seminyak Bali Driver, we did an amazing day tour from Seminyak to Batur Volcano in Kintamani village north of Bali, we have begin our trip after breakfast from W Resort and Hotel in Seminyak Bali and on this tour we begin from our first destination on the Quad Bike Tour, and then continue to visiting Kintamani village where it famous with their amazing view of active Volcano of Batur and lake Batur, having lunch with a great food on buffet over looking on breathtaking view of Batur amazing panorama and on this tour we also visiting Bali coffee plantation in Temen Village, and also we where visiting the rice terrace in Tegalalang village, continue to visit Monkey forest in Ubud where is located in the middle of Ubud city center and visiting the famous Batuan Temple where is located in south part of Ubud . Seminyak Tour on this opportunity we did about 8 hours trip from Seminyak and the itinerary we begin from the first site as :

Kokat Quad Bike

Kokat is one of the best quad bike adventure well located in Silakarang villlage Ubud, the professional guide assisted during our 1 hour and 30 minutes adventuring on muddy treks,exploring the village rural, rice field, temple side , discover the tropical forest on quad bike is super fun. all equipment has provided by  Kokat company, well trained on beginning of our ATV tour by friendly and polite instructor make it easy for us to understand how to use the quad bike.  the ticket available to purchase at the front desk of Kokat with option price : Single ATV : 750.000 IDR and 950.000 IDR for Tamden Mode which is 2 person on one Quad Bike. After the great Quad Bike Sensation we continue our trip to Volcano.

Lunch at The Volcano

Batur Volcano the only one Bali Active volcano located in north side of Ubud as a part of Bangli regency and district of Kintamani where it’s famous with the name of Kintamani Volcano caused the Batur Volcano located in Kintamani Village, the mazing view with out any dark cloud was welcoming our visiting time, a great lunch  with super tasty Indonesian food and is serve as buffet lunch , at this time we where at the Grand Puncak Sari where is all food it served here is fresh and taste super. the ticket visiting Batur volcano is 30.000 IDR per person and the lunch in Grand Puncak sari we have is about 140.000 IDR included tax and service and it’s wrote with what we get as super duper view and amazing food . and after lunch we continue to visit the Coffee place.

roasting bali coffee

Temen Village located on the 5 km down the hill side of Batur Volcano, it’s an volcanic land which is the biggest industry the local do is farming, and famous with their farming product as coffee and spices, visiting Temen village as on our arrival is welcomed by nice polite girls as she is the farmers , with out say she grab our attention to introducing her self before she take us to her plantation, and she is very high attitude and polite , she has showing us how is look like the best coffee bean, how the farmers collect it from the tree and what is the different between male and female coffee bean and she even show us how the chocolate powder was make. she has pick one of the sweet bean chocolate for us to enjoy in her farm , after taking arround on the farm that finally we arrive at the kitchen where the dry bean of coffee got roasted. The smell is super good it make us one to try it, and a big smile from the farmers has making a view different taster coffee of their product to try there. all was good and yummy . We love so much our time on vsiting the coffee plantation  and visiting the farmers is completly free of charge of any entering ticket.

Bali Tegalalang Rice terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace the amazing view of famous rice terrace in Ubud Bali , located about 30 minutes from the ubud city center and the water irrigation it manage by Subak  Dangka, actually every block step of rice terrace in Ubud Tegalalang rice terrace is belong to personally local farmer, and the farmer will replan the rice on every 4 month as thee rice will need some time like 3 month from the start plan of baby rice till finish to collect the rice and  in one year the farmer just can grow 3 time of the rice and the rest of the month they will grow an sweet potato, visiting the Tegalalang rice terrace will cost you ticket 10.000 IDR  per person . please prepare the sunblock while visiting the rice terrace , some time is to hot on the day time .

monkey forest ubud

Monkey forest well located in the center of Ubud City , its an tropical forest with surrounding by Campuhan river and also as location of Shiva temple or Pura dalem of Padang tegal, where is the visitor on visiting time in Monkey forest Ubud will present as multiple object as Tropical forest, new brige on step wlak side on Campuhan river and Shiva temple and a find pond as lucky wish by trowing a coin to the fish poll , wish your luck as most of the time it will happen. visiting the moneky forest there is a cost ticket 50.000 IDR per person where you can purchase the ticket at the gate 1 or gate 2 or gate 3 in monkey forest ubud, one noted : please do not touch the monkey because they can become aggressive when human try to touch them .

Batuan temple

Batuan Temple as located in South of Ubud and it’s a big  chance to the visitor of Bali to get closer and see the detail of the village temple as we did it to day. as the visitor we allowed to visit in side the temple area as it start from part 1 is call nista mandala, part 2 or middle side is call madya mandala , and the most importand part 3 that we call Utama Mandala which is the main holy place where the local Hindu will make an offering. in Bali every village has similar concept as trinity temple or we call it also Khayangan Tiga but the different is in other village has not allowed the tourist visiting important holy area on thier village and that;s why visiting Batuan temple is a big chance for visitor to see what and how is the village temple in side and how beauty is the carving as this temple was build on 944 century ago. and visiting Batuan temple will be there donation 10.000 IDR per person.

ATV  volcano Tour itinerary :

08 : 30 Am : Pick up at the Hotel

09 : 30 Am : 1 H and 30 min ATV and Quad Bike Adventure

11 : 30 Am : Departure to Kintamani Batur Volcano

12 : 30 Noon : Lunch at Kintamani Volcano

13 : 30 Pm : Visit the Coffee Plantation

14 : 30 Pm : Visit the Rice terrace

15 : 00 Pm : Visit the Monkey forest

16 : 00 Pm : Visit the Batuan Temple

18 : 00 Pm Back in the Hotel

Private ATV Volcano  Tour Price  450.000 IDR and it’s included with :  Private English Speaking Driver, Petrol, Parking Fee, mineral bottle water .

Excluded on ATV Volcano tour : Entrance fee , Lunch ,ATV Ride, and optional personal expenses

What to bring : Money , camera, change clothe , sunblock, hat and sun glasses .

For Booking please send your inquiry to our contact address :

Email :

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680 

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