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Fast Boat Seminyak to Gili island

Bar and Grill Seafood Gili

Arrived in Bali and stay in Seminyak to enjoy discovering Bali attractions is the best choice to enjoy Bali. And not enough if not visiting the Gili Trawangan the next paradise  island bettwen Bali and Lombok . And the best transportation from seminyak to gili trawangan is convenience by taking a fast boat from the padang bay harbour well located in east of Bali among to Karangasem sub distric with total lowest price only 200.000 IDR one way per person from Padang Bay Harbour.

Transport seminyak to gili

From seminyak to padang bay is taking only 1 hour and 30 minutes drive by passing the short cut way true Sunset road and take the second exit on the end of round about sunset road and take the direction to bay pass ngurah rai untill we meet the baypass ida bagus mantra and follow that diretion to the east direction . And within one and half hour we will reach to the t-juntion of padang bay harbour.

Engine fastboat to gili trawangan

Taking a fast boat from padang bay harbour to gili trawangan is totally need 1 hour cruising . Most of the boat has a big engine and ussualy attached view big engine up to 1000pk and can be run more then 100 km per hour. That’s is the reason why is take less time to get to gili from bali compare to taking a slow very boat which is take 5 hour crossing to lombok and it same cost . The very boat will just take us until the bangsal harbour in south of  lombok and we have to think twice about the next transportation to the north of lombok and pick the local boat to take us to the gili island.

Semaya boat bali to gili

There is view several boat company in Padang bay harbour to take you to Gili island as Mahi Mahi Fast Boat, Semaya One Fast Boat,Gangga Fast Boat,Wahana Fast Boat, Eka Jaya Fast Boat and many other boat. And most of their price is only 200.000 idr per person that we can purchase on ticket counter directly .

Departure time of  fast boat from padang bay harbour to gili trawangan it has schedule daily and we need to be there at 30 minutes before the departure for boarding on fastboat. Here is the schedule of fast boat.

Padang bay  Departure : 09:30 am arrive at 10:30 am at gili trawangan and departure from seminyak at 07:00 am to be there at 09:00 am at Bali Padang Bay Harbour

Departure Gili Trawangan : 11 :00 am arrive at padang harbour bay at 12:00 pm and some time there is delay in this schedule its can be delay maximum 30 minutes.

Departure from Padang Bay 11 :00 am arrive at gili trawangan at 12:00 pm and departure from seminyak to padang bay is 08:30 am to be there at 10:30 am at padang bay harbour.

Departure from gili trawangan at 13:00 pm arrive at padang bay harbour at 14:00 pm

Departure 13: 00 pm from padang bay and arrive at 14:00 pm at gili trawangan and deparute from seminyak at 10:30 am to be there at the harbour padang bay at 12:30 pm

and the last trip daily at 14:00 pm departure from gili trawangan and arrive at padang bay at 15:00 pm

Every single trip the boat make will be transite in Lombok island due some imigration services and department control becaouse Gili trawangan and gili air gili meno is belong the area of Lombok island goverment department and the stop they make it in lombok is so fast and its not longer then 10 minutes

and over all if you like to visit the gili island please fell free to contact me as your driver to padang bay harbour and i can help you to arrange the ticket and provide you a excellent private comfortable car with available 7 seater in the car suv model.

Seminyak taxi

And my tariff and price for one car and one way from seminyak to padang bay harbour is only 300.000 idr and thats included WiFi in the car, luxury private car, my services as your english speaking driver, Free worry of paying to much , no deposite requiries,easy access on pick up service. And also included parking fee and mineral water.

So looking forwards to receive any of your inquires and see you in Bali Seminyak.


Best Regards

Putu Martika

Seminyak Bali Driver

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