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Bali Sim Card for call and internet get in seminyak

Sim card in Bali for phone call or internet to keep connected with all relations from far away home

Local Bali Sim card is one of the options to keep connected with internet all the time in Bali, its simple by choice one popular provider as Telkomsel, XL ,Mentari iM3 ,3 Tree, and one  of the best network provider in Bali call Telkomsel and product of their card is call “Simpati” and it will drive your traveling with lot of information and update on social media as facebook or many others website. Traveling in Bali with out internet connection in your gadget such as WiFi or Data internet of course will drive your mind to get lose direction, for what to do next and where we will have trusted information about where you are, and in this opportunity i would like to share my experience in all about it.

Get a sim card and which one is the best on network ? avoid to get in Bali Airport due over priced !!!

Simpati the product of Telkomsel it has a 4G services on City covered area and mostly 3G on every part in Bali Island, now it seem i will reviewing their services for your advice , Simpati its fast and never has a problem with  connection range but the slowest will be happen when you are located in under the baseman parking area or hidden on the building , the tariff call for local call is very cheap start from 1000 IDR per minutes and international call is 2000 IDR mostly per minutes but there is special code to make cheap call from Simpati you have to dial 19019 then country code for example 190193344576979 90 for call to Europa or just dial directly if some reason don’ts work with the code also you allowed to receive a call from out side or receive a international call with free of charge for you as a free roaming provided if you are in Indonesia. And if you don’t like to have a local simcard and still want to use your roaming phone as the experience most of the international roaming from your country will give you an option to choice the local provider and depending the corporation between the network company , but is better to have an simpati for your choice as local provider . and about ” where to get the Simpati by Telkomsel in Bali ? ” this is very easy to get them in Bali such upon arrival in Bali airport there is counter or a stage where you can get one but very expensive and that’s the one we have to avoid it! we can buy it cheap on small cellular shop on seminyak road or easy to find is one Bintang Super Market which is on this beginning of the year the sim card will cost us only 20.000 IDR with included 10.000 IDr for amount in credit balance and price of sim card in Bali Airport is can be 400.000 IDR with 1Gb data plan, and system payment in sim card always to be prepaid as we have to top up when is the balance is finish and top up we can do it on any convenience store as the easy one i can recommend you to buy or to up your phone sim card in Indomart or Alfa Mart also available in Circle K as the faster transactions result.

When i get the card, how to used it ? any registration needed?

yes, when you get to buy the sim card in Bali you have to register it services center at 4444 by sending sms and much easier the shop will help you to register the sim card and then top up the sim card and make sure you prepare some ID for data registration process for example you prepare passport and please note : your new sim card will be not work or out of services before it register to 4444 registration service.

How to Install your Sim card and how to buy the Data Package on Simpati cellular card ?

Install a sim card is very easy , is just need to combine the size of your sim card space in your device and adjust it with sim card cutter and the usually the shop has provided to customer the sim card cutter . and most important is your phone is not locked by your own local provider example phone from Australia is Locked by Vodafone which is will be little bit hard work to used it because you have to do jail break it first and jail break in Seminyak area with mostly shop cellular will charge something like 40 USD $ or 500.000 IDR.

And Data Package on Simpati you can access and approve it with special code dial *999*473# which is offer you cheap price for 4 GB Data Package for 1 Month with the price 135.000 IDR you have to top up in your Sim Card and Also if you need just only one week data package you just need dial *363# and the USD code on your phone will running and then will show you the option screen and then choice the number 2 Mingguan is mean Weekly and then type 2 and continue then type 2 again on next screen will show you option 1. Langganan and 2 Sekali Beli and then 9 back to home then you have to type number 2 then wait sms from 363 for your activation data and the weekly cost data package on simpati is only 35.000 IDR for 1Gb data package by simpaty. and total cost for all 1 week data package and sim card is only 20.000 IDR and 35.000 IDR = 55.000 IDR you have to spend and if you wish having a phone call you can add some amount again by re top up you phone sim card by showing the number of your sim card .

Code Make a Local Call from local Sim Card in Bali !

You don’t have to dial special code to call to local mobile number and is just need to dial directly to the number as informed by your relations, for example if you like to call your friend and they give you the number 082 236 087 680 ( My Number ) by the time you just need to dial all the number , and only have a different if you make a call to portable number which is the number is shorter you have to dial it all for example calling a hotel and shop or officer urgent you have to dial 0361 first and then continue to the number ! for example 0361 8499288 ( Phone number of Harris Hotel in Seminyak address in Drupadi street the most popular excellent hotel ).

Receive a International call on local Sim Card with free of charge roaming

Use a local sim card to receive a phone call from International country is make you free of worry with free roaming charge, the most important you have to informed your friend or partner when you tell them your phone number is local Bali country code , Bali is one of the island in Indonesia Republic and as Indonesian Republic we have our own country code is +62 . so when you informed your friend about your number please make sure you have tell them the local country code +62 . For example if your family or friend and relations want to call you in your Indonesia Bali Sim Card you have to tell them +62 082 236 087 680 ( my number ) and if on their phone not appear + sign keyboard they can use ( 0062 ) then continue to the phone number .


So that’s all about the sim card in Bali i have published and i hope this information will be use full for your travel advice in Bali. And of course never forget aim always remind to all Bali Seminyak Visitor who will and stayed in Seminyak please fell free to contact me if you have any inquires about tips and advice and as my services to be your private driver in seminyak , i will be glad to share all the important information for your great travel time in Seminyak Bali Paradise Indonesia .

Best Regards

Putu Martika

Seminyak Bali Driver

Email :

Phone : +62 082 236 087 680

See you in Bali

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