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Chauffeur Seminyak Taxi Services

Seminyak Taxi Driver , This Morning Mr Alex and his friend called me  . They where stay in The Royal  Seminyak is close to the Beach .And it was surprises morning because last night i when in airport pick up them at 11:00 Pm and not lucky that the flight get delay till 2 Am and i decided to wait in airport till i meet them , and drive them to Royal Hotel Seminyak  . I tough they will be tired after a big night on last night where we still on the road at 3 Am since airport immigration services international is take forever to get the visa . Well 7:32 Am on record of my phone dial record Mr Alex call me was surprises he want to do some thing to day and till he decided to drive up north to volcano north of UBUD where is Batur Volcano the active volcano in Bali , i was thing thinking i have a nice dream of get a call by customer while aim sleeping and we make appointment at 8.30 Am because we planed to see the Dance Barong in  Batubulan Village , i don’t know why i fell like it was on dream when we talking in the morning on phone , after i get another call then i realist that was not a dream at all after i check the phone record  . Jump from my Lovely Bed and ask my wife make a coffee with out shower just brush my toot and clean my face on 3 minutes i get run to the car with cup of coffee in my left hand and lucky thing is i get no traffic at all since from my house is 3 Km a way to get the Royal Seminyak , well 10 minutes late and where 4 guys has wait for me in lobby hotel . My apologize now i would like to tell you Mr Alex , aim very sorry for the late this morning , aim bit lay to say traffic this morning as you show as well no traffic at all at 8 .45 Am , well after all by this post i wan to apologize for the late this morning and after all we made it to see Balinese dance  Barong , and after that we continue to Batuan Village to see the traditional Balinese House ,Batuan Temple .then we drive to Volcano and then rice terrace also coffee farm , Gianyar night market and also Ubud Monkey forest also on the way we done the last place on Tegenungan water Fall , Over all it was a great day  and we had lot of fun as well on tracking in Rice terraces ,  again thank you very much for a group of Alex and i hope to see you again in Bali .


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